I'm so upset my FS appointment is a joke!


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Jul 1, 2008
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So i was all excited thinking i get to see the FS in just over a week, but noooooooooooo. I'm seeing his nurse to discuss further tests WTF, what else can they possible test me for. On top of that the covering letter says the FS has seen your file and will write to u before ur appointment if further tests are needed. I can feel a fob off coming. I'm sure all i need is something so simply, i'm actually starting to think i may have been PG a few times but it wont stick cos my body washes it our. I'm so upset, what i need is so simple, i think i'm gonna go and buy some progesterone cream, doea anyone know anything on it? Is it worth taking 6DPO? Sorry for the rant, i just feel so let down, you get all ur hopes up. XXX
Sorry to hear this. That is just CRAP. FS should be seeing you, not the fucking nurse!

Not sure what its like in the UK, but over here progesterone is by script only.
Hey hun i'm so sorry.
What did your GP say when they said you needed a referral hun? did they say it was for IVF definitely or did they say it was for further tests?x
She thinks i need some kind of treatment, i don't think she was thinking of IVF. Maybe a mild feriltiy drug and some progesterone. I only want some medication, i'm devastated, i was so positive and now i feel crushed, why do they do this to people. Apparently it is normal to see the nurse first, well i have phoned and left a message so i'm waiting for her to call me back. I want to see God not his assistant :hissy: he's the one with the baby making power :cry:
Hey Daisy - i know it sucks (and i would be screaming my head off) but try and be positive - everyone knows that the women have the power ;-) maybe the nurse controls the doctors strings!!!!

Just think, you could go next week, she could say you need A, B and C done first and then they will sort out the drugs. I guess they have to be 100% sure what drugs to put you on and what dosage so that it works hun? A friend of mine was put on clomid and it took 6 months to get her dosage right BUT she now has 2 gorgeous kiddies. You will get there i'm sure of it and this time next year you will be stroking your rapidly expanding tum!! xx
I really hope ur right hun, i just feel so let down and deflated. XXX
I would too chick, i would be screaming my bloody head off and it sucks. We wait ages for help and then they drag their heels over it. How hard can it be eh? With any luck you will be ovulating for Christmas and the new year will bring you a nice shiny new bubba!

Anyway, it's easy for me to say the right thing as i haven't just had the news you have. When my first FS appointment goes wonky then i can rely on you to return the favour and say the right thing to me!xxx
I do ovulate hun, just my body brings AF on before an egg has time to implant, i'm so easy to treat. XXX
Oh that's a poo - well hopefully they can give you some progesterone and that can help - i take it you have tried the vit b and all the other stuff over the counter than get help lengthen it?xx
I have never once seen my assigned fertility specialist. I was referred to someone called Dr Gazvani and I have seen a woman called Elaine Moore and a man called Dr Drakeley. Never once have I seen the fertility specialist.
Unfortunatley this does happen alot. For all the time i was at the assisted conception unit i saw my consultant once and that was after my laparoscopy. All the other times were nurses.
But the nurses i saw were very good and very supportive. The consultant was just "cold"
have your cd21 tests shown that your progesterone is low? Mine didn't so im wondering if your in the same boat as me, i thought it was simply "progesterone " but im not sure now
Yeah hun were in the same boat, short LP progesterone fine, but as i put in my other thread i think CD21 tests only look for ovulation which we know we do. The most frustrating thing is u and i are probably so easy to treat. I hope we all get it sorted soon. XXX
i know i think thats what makes it worse, im worried to try self medicate myself but at the same time im considering buying cream etc

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