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Aug 29, 2008
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Just wondering how many of you ladies had implatation bleeding and if you did, was it around the time your period was due, what did it look like, how long did it last for and did any of you note your cp? Mine is still quite high and soft. I am 10dpo.

I've done a couple of pregnancy tests and I'm sure I can see a line but not sure if these are evap lines. Today I have had light brownish spotting. Not sure I have experienced spotting of this kind before my period. Normally if I get spotting, I get my period within a few hours afterwards.
Hi hon. I usually had light brownish spotting the day before AF came in full force. After I got my BFP I had brown discharge the day before AF was due and for the next day and then it went. not sure if it was implantation or just a bit of AF which had been due.

Not sure about the CP though, never managed to do that! Good luck hon!!

i had a slight bloody colour after i would go for a pee (TMI i no) for about 2days before af was due, then about 3-4 days after af was due after sex i had slight bleeding with mw put down to implant bleeding/ hardcore sex (TMI but in her words )
They day before af was due I had some tiny pink when I wiped. i had that once and never again.
This is the second day I've had it. It hasn't got any heavier. It's just a bit of brownish spotting although yesterday evening, it looked a bit watered down. It looked more like a brown/pink wet patch (sorry TMI)!!!
When are you going to test??
Well I did a test on Friday and I could definitely see a line come up (link below - didn't show up in pic as much as it did in the flesh) but I know these ICs can give false positives and I'm not even completely convinced it was a positive. If my period hasn't arrived by tomorrow then I'll test in the morning. I'm getting cramps though, feels like period pains.
I have bright pink spotting when I wiped just the once, think it was 8 days before AF was due.

I spotted for about 2 weeks after my bfp. Again at 8 and 9 weeks.

Have had 3 scans already and all was fine then.

Spottin again today and keepin fingers crossed


good luck
:hi: yes i had implantation bleeding the day my AF was due so thought it was over that month, then the day after it stopped and it was more like brown discharge.
Hope you get your BFP xx
I am pretty sure I had some implantation bleeding, was only a tiny bit that came out in a discharge and was pinkish in colour. It occured about a week and a bit maybe before my period was due.

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