Incompetent cervix?? Help! Biopsy on cervix & freezing. Sorry long but important.

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    Back in March/April 2009 I got a biopsy done on my cervix (was so painful right afterwards even with lots of pain medicine) showing I have low risk hpv (genital warts, ew i know :cry: )..then my gyn froze my cervix & told me not to get pregnant for at least 2 YEARS afterwards. I fell pregnant in January 2010 so not even a YEAR later...I went into premature labor at 19 weeks 3 days out of no where...about 6pm I started cramping some..but not bad..then it started getting more constant and painful so i decided at 8pm to go to ER, arrived at ER at 9pm and was having full blown contractions super painful at least every 30 seconds. By the time I seen a dr about 11pm he said I was fully dilated and baby/sac was right there ready to come out.. I started bleeding some when he did a pelvic (baby was healthy and kicking on ultrasound). I got put into labor and delivery about midnight and delivered my daughter at 4:44am.
    What I'm wondering is could all that have been caused from the biopsy/cervix freezing and not waiting 2 years or incompetent cervix? I'm pregnant again & 10 ob says it sounds like i have incompetent cervix but he can't diagnose it unless i lose at least 2 babies. But he says hes not positive & everything could go fine this time. I'm so scared :cry: & don't wanna lose another baby. Has anyone else been through this?

    Also I have hypothyroidism, which we thought before is what caused me to go into premature labor last time but not so much sure now...but my ob is checking my cervix every appointment and thyroid.

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