irregular daytime feeding- any advice?

Discussion in 'Formula Feeding' started by Tsia, Aug 23, 2009.

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    Feb 16, 2009
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    2 weeks old and the last few days its 4oz bottles every 3.5 hours (with 3.5oz's taken).. but only at night. In the day.. he doesnt take anywhere near as much in one go- only half... sometimes he just looks around, stops sucking, sometimes he falls asleep.. other times he gets cranky refuses any more.. Then I offer the rest asap but sometimes could be 2 hours apart. so in the day its like I am feeding every 2 hours.

    I make sure if he is grumbly hes not got wind/colic and has been changed but if he is still grumbly I offer the remainder of the bottle and he takes it.. but he wont take it all in one go like he does in the night. Wonder why this is..

    There is no regular pattern in the day and he just has his room temp milk as and when.

    Should I really persevere in the daytime to stick to a routing and amount of feeding? or doesnt it matter at this early stage?

    Any advice appreciated. x:hugs:
  2. Arcanegirl

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    at his age his feeds will be erratic untill a pattern sets in, theres a growth spurt at 2 weeks aswell which may add to the irregular feeding.
  3. DY08

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    Jan 22, 2009
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    At 2 weeks its not uncommon to have erratic feeding times. I wouldn't worry about it. My little girls can sometime have days where she'll drink less or her feeding times change x

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