Is a migraine a sign of impending miscarriage?


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Jan 15, 2012
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So i do sometimes get migraines anyway but today i'm 5+2
Weeks and had a migraine with aura. I remember on my missed miscarriage last time i had one but i also had brown spotting too and all my symptoms disappeared. I've read loads of stuff on google now and lots of women have said they had a migraine and when they had their scan found that the heartbeat had stopped around the same time as the migraine. They said it is a sign of your hormones changing. Now i'm worried x
I've never heard of it being linked to mc, but lots of mamas I know who suffer with migraines find they get worse during pregnancy (especially 1st tri). It's true migraines are often linked with hormone changes, and they are changing so rapidly in 1st tri so migraines and headaches are more common generally. But mc is also more common in 1st tri so maybe there is a correlation, but one doesn't necessarily mean the other IYKWIM? Please try not to worry :hugs: Hope you are feeling better - lots of hugs xo
I took a migraine earlier in this pregnancy. I am susceptible to them altho attacks come years apart. As you'll c by my ticker i am over 13 wks and i saw bean on scan last week. Everything looked good. Also i had 2 m/cs prior to carrying my daughter to term. Never had a migraine in any of those pregnancies.

it may just b coincidence. I wouldn't read too much into it. For ne it was a positive sign xx
Thanks! It only lasted about half an hour or so. I must keep away from google, i must keep away from google lol x
I have IIH (which pretty much causes unbelievable pressure behind the eyes and in your head)...AND severe migraines. My doctor tells me that pregnancy can make both worse. I have head pain at least 4 days out of a week..but that is normal for me.
Please try not to worry. I had a couple of migraines when i was pregnant and had never had one before and my baby is a healthy 4 month old now. And yes, stay away from Dr. Google, it is not your friend when you're pregnant!
I'll echo what everyone else has said - no need to worry! I've had an increase in migraine-type headaches and I just had a scan today with a nice little heartbeat. I think it's purely coincidental - both migraines and MC are, sadly, common in 1st tri, but not linked to each other.
Thanks everyone. I just got my 3+ on digi so that has taken my mind off it!....until i cant sleep later and i'll have crazy thoughts running through my head again! X

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