is o on it's way?!


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Jul 14, 2008
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ok so i think i'm getting good signs that an O might be on its way. (TMI alert!)
my temps since i got back from conference have been 35.9, 36,36,36 and today 36.4 had creamy mucus yesterday and today and two faint lines when i POAS this morning so fingers crossed it's looking positive.
what you think
definaltey !! wheres u chart?? ive heard that few pp go and get follicles messages near O on clomid and then get a injection to realise the egg...have u ever been pffered this?? if not do u get to do bloods around cd21 to see that u av O ?? otherwise u wont really know? just really wondering bout this a lot latley as uknow i will prob be gettin clomid soon,and i dont just wona take it then be none the wiser...hopin u do O and get that eggie :):) just sent u a pm...b4 i saw ur post !:)
i only use the basic chart so don't think i can post it. but it's not detected anything just yet so i'm taking lunch with hubby today ;-)
i so hope it's worked.
I've not been asked to have a scan although i'm wondering if i should be. I'm having CD21 tests although that falls on a sunday so it'll have to be the day after.
Fingers crossed!

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