Is the first period after birth supposed to be super heavy?


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Jan 21, 2008
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I finally started my period yesterday morning (11 weeks after C-section) I was so glad that is finally arrived... but now not so much, lol.
I am really starting to get worried about how heavy it is... I have gone through a 16 box of regular flow tampons in a 24 hour period (not including sleeping for 6 hours, so technically 18 hours then), most of them fill up within an hour, like to the point that I am leaking!! I know TMI :blush: And the flow is continuous, not light heavy, light, heavy, ect. it just stays really heavy.
The blood is bright red, with no clots or anything. Is this something to worry about? or is it normal? I can't remember from my first. Thx!!
If I remember correctly, I was breastfeeding at that time so didn't get it until months after and I don't think it was that heavy.

Not breastfeeding this time around so I am dreading the awful AF, when it will happen, and how it will be now that my tubes are tied.

Hope it gets better for you honey! :hugs:
My first after my c-section was bloody awful, I was going through a super heavy pad every hour, the first night was the worst I got up the next morning covered (tmi). On the second day I phoned the doc because I was worried, I had lost so much blood durning surgery and was already low in blood!!! He gave me medication to ease the flow, but said it was very normal to bleed very very heavy after a c-section, as long as you are not over-flowing every 10-15mins then it is not a problem, but he said chaning your pad/tampon every hour is very normal. But if you are in any way concerned give your doc a phone they can give you advice over the phone. xx
Thanks Girls :hugs:

Okay so update: Over night it seemed to have slowed sown to a normal flow, and I thought it would stay that way, but Ohhhh NO!! I just put a new tampon in 20-30 minutes ago, and it was already leaking and this time there was quite a bit of clotting and it wasnt regular dark red/purplish utering lining, the clots were bright red (Ahhhhh can't believe I am putting this stuff on the internet!!!) Sorry Girls, again TMI!! I just don't know what do do... its sunday and can't call my doctor till tomorrow, and would feel quite silly going to emergency for a heavy period, lol, but I also feel quite weird, dont know how to put it, kind of weak, and a little dizzy almost like my mind isnt right.
and to make matters worse it is my sons 4th Birthday today and its going to be at a huge indoor playpark with 10 of his friends. I am gonna be running to the bathroom every 20 mins, wish me luck!!
Yea very heavy , i had 2 c-sections and both were painful and extremly heavy !
I've just finished my first one after a section and it was the same as yours, really heavy, bright red (not the usual period colour), with a few clots here and there and really, really painful. I mean really painful, lol. It was horrible :(
It was a really strange one... only lasted 2 and a half days, but lost way more blood that a reg 4 or 5 day period for me... I seriosly thought something was really really wrong. Just glad its over.
For some pople it can take months to settle back to "normal" again. My first few periods after birth have always been much heavier and more painful than usual:cry::hissy:

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