It's not just a wives tale...

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Second Trimester' started by Pumpkin, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. Pumpkin

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    Jun 6, 2007
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    And it HURTS! lol I had 2 previous pregnancy's, both girls and both VERY large baby's, 9 pounds followed by 10 pounds. This little guy, my first boy is like what, a pound and a half right now and he is causing me the most discomfort!

    The wives tale I am referring to is, you carry a girl high and a boy VERY true for me. he is jammed way down there and he is head down to boot at only 23 weeks. If I stand up to fast or sit down to fast or heck if I bend, he startles and braces himself in there. I am like OMG. lol

    Now for a line from the Will Farrel Movie, Talladega Nights...

    Dear Lord baby Jesus, or as our brothers in the south call you, jesuz, we thank you so much for this bountiful harvest of Dominos, KFC, and the always delicious Taco Bell. Please lord baby jesus, dislodge this fetus from my bladder and allow him to float freely in my rib cage as a normal baby should. lol
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    LMAO Bless you Pumpkin x x
  3. Naimi

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    Feb 21, 2007
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    Hi Pumpkin, love the quote by the way lol.

    I am only 13 weeks, and don't know whether I'm having a girl or boy yet, but I suspect a boy for exactly the old wives tale you are talking about. With both my girls I carried my weight everywhere and they were quite high up from the very start, I had severe heartburn because of it. However this time my weight gain is only in my tummy and quite low down. When I turn my lower half without moving my top (eg twisting on the computer chair or turning over in bed at night) my stomach spasms and i get cramp so easily. When i sit down, no matter what i am wearing my stomach hits my thighs i suppose and I feel incredibly uncomfortable. When i am wearing jeans its even worse. I have to almost slouch to be comfy.

    I'm guessing this is only going to get worse ! LOL. :)

    xx Naimi xx

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