It's the final Countdown...


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Dec 10, 2007
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well unless bubba turns (highly unlikely now according to MW) or decides to come earlier, my LO will be here by this time next week :happydance: :wohoo: :yipee:

We went for my Pre-op checkup today at the hospital to sign consent forms and find out a bit more about c-section procedure and we are all ready to go for next Monday 6th October. We have to arrive at the hospital at 8:00 and then are scheduled to go into theatre mid morning, so all being well, by next Monday lunchtime I will have my LO in my arms :cloud9:

On another thread I said I haven't weighed myself since 16 weeks as I didn't like what I saw, well had to be weighed today and I've put on a masshoove 3 1/2 stone :shock: OMG I need to go on a diet after LO has arrived!! :lol:

Good luck, I hope everything goes well for you :)
Good luck for your section or turning! Don't worry about your weight, you won't need to diet because the weight will come out with baby, placenta and shrunken uterus!

Just couldn't resist! Enjoy the home stretch, wont be long now!
good luck hun , ive got my 4th c section booked for 17th october can,t wait ive got my pre-op checkup the day before on the 16th oct .violet xx
Ah good luck hope all goes well x x
good luck hunni not long now :) And ive put on 4 and a half :shock: ill be joining you on that diet :) XxX
good luck hunni not long now :) And ive put on 4 and a half :shock: ill be joining you on that diet :) XxX

I'm really gonna miss being to eat whatever I fancy, guilt free :munch: Note to self, no more cream cakes :lol:

One more week of over indulgence :D ...

Good luck hon, wont be long now! x
How exciting for you, just one more week! Make the most of it and get those cream cakes down you before the 6th! x
Good luck - not long now til you have your little bubba in your arms!
Congrats that must feel good to now when you will have your little one!
Oooh good luck!!!! How exciting, at least with a section you know exactly when LO will arrive and can make plans xx

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