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Jack's moloscrum....................


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Nov 5, 2006
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Is now chicken pox!!!!

Took him back to the emergancy docs as he was covered in it... the doc i saw said " who on earth told you it was moloscum??? i know moloscum and it definaintly aint it!!!"
He said i can tell you why its chicken pox.... and rhymed off loads of stuff, so at least i know what he is talking about!

Poor mite, BUT i am glad it is something normal! Stupid doctors..

:x :roll:
aaww dear of him get him mittens so he cant scratch liek mad
Excellent news! Well not excellent but now it puts ur mind at ease that it aint that "moloscrum". Stupid Dr's. Poor Jack. Least he gets it over with at at a young age.

Poor Amy might get them or u/Andy mite get shingles! :shock:

XXX for Jack XXX
I have had shingles (not nice) the doc said it is very rare to have them more than once, Amy had some spots so it is only a matter of time, i would rather them get it over and done with.

Yeah I heard shingles is supposed to be agony :shock:

Hope u aint pulling ur hair out 2 much nursing 2 sick kids :hugs:
Amy is not poorly yet but is being the normally little bugger she always is, Jack isn't too bad either but there is stil time!
aww poor little man, its best he gets them now rather than later tho, same with Amy, hope it clears up quickly for you all

omg stupid doctor! bet your glad you went for a second opinion! better he has it now rather than when he's older! infact if I was near you Id come and let Ella get it lol so its over and done with! sorry that sounded cruel!
i would make a complaint to your doctors manager
Andy said that, we can never go just the once and get a satisfactory answer :roll:
WE either have to take them back for a second opinion, take them to my docs or take them to A&E.
What a daft doctor! at least you know what it is now, like everyone else has said, best they have it now get it out the way, Wonder where he caught it from?
Hope you and Andy will be ok!

Will chat to you soon! :wink:
Phew! I know it's not nice for Jack, but at least it's going to have cleared up in a couple of weeks, and not months! :)
I know, we are all ok as both our families have had it so all close relatives won't catch it Amy has had it to.
I'm pretty sure you can't get shingles from lo who has chicken pox it is normally the other way around, its just that incubation period is longer for shingles so it always looks as if person with shingles catches it from lo with chicken pox.

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