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Discussion in 'Pregnancy Groups & Discussions' started by Sander, May 26, 2020.

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    Wow sanders, that sleep would be amazing!!! What does he do during the day? What did you do for sleep training?

    It's crazy hoe much they change in 1 month. My girl still hasn't made any attempts at rolling and hadn't even thought about food yet
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    Right now he does about 1.5-2 hours awake, then an hour nap. Repeat all day lol. He almost always has 3 naps a day and they’re all about an hour.

    We did the 3 day sleep solution with all the kids. I know a lot of people have different opinions on crying. The idea behind it is basically babies go through a ‘cycling’ process to fall asleep. So if you rock/nurse etc that becomes their process they need to fall asleep. Which is obviously fine, I just find it’s not sustainable for our family because my kids never want to give it up lol, I can’t go years without sleep :rofl: Anyways, the way we do it is make sure baby is warm, fed, freshly changed etc, do whatever routine you have (Thomas gets the same song every night) and then put them in their bed. You give them one hour to go to sleep on their own.

    The method explains it like when we go to bed at night we all have a ‘cycling’ process we go through in order to fall asleep (ie: think about our day, make plans for tomorrow, count sheep - whatever you do to fall asleep). So baby just needs to learn how to essentially close their eyes and go to sleep on their own.

    Anyways, my kids always cry the full hour on the first night. Once it’s been an hour you can go in, nurse/rock them - whatever they need to go to sleep. All my kids were the same, they do the full hour night one and I have to help them fall asleep. Night 2 they hit 40 or 50 minutes before falling asleep, and night 3 is the magic number - it’s always only 10 or 15 minutes of fussing. Now Thomas almost never complains, he just goes to sleep.

    I tried a few sleep training methods with my oldest when he was like 8 months old but he was sooooo stubborn. He hated me coming to ‘check’ on him and rub his belly etc like a lot of methods want you to do. He was just mad I wouldn’t pick him up. But I also didn’t want to do one of those methods which just lets them cry infinitely. I liked the 1 hour time limit cause I felt like I wasn’t being mean haha. And I liked that they explained it like scientifically that’s how long they need to try it themselves and if you come in earlier you’re interrupting their process.

    Anyways that’s my novel lol. I found a link to the file I used when we did it in case you want to give it a read:

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