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Aug 31, 2006
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any1 read any of her books?? im on the 2nd at the mo, is a fabby readm well if your into gruesome crime books!!!
I have an allergy to books!!

lol so im the only geek then :coffee:
I like crime books. I read the Patricia Cornwell books she is a forensic person, only really read her books.

If you like Patricia Cornwell, try reading Kathy Reichs books. They are similar but even better and scary!! :nope:

thanks hun will look on amazon tommorow if I remember
cool i'll look out for her books i love crime books..martina cole is good also love minette walters! not that i have much time to read now!
Wobbles™ said:
I have an allergy to books!!


Corrr aint that the truth..................


I love to read just never get the chance anymore :-({|=

When i do though Harry Potter and other fantasy escapist books are my thing :lol:
I love reading sooooooooooo much!
Read all kinds of randomness though...
Am in the middle of Marley and Me, and Have "don't tell mummy" waiting to be read.

I like all the true stuff... am weird! lol
Tootsie said:
I love to read just never get the chance anymore :-({|=

When i do though Harry Potter and other fantasy escapist books are my thing :lol:

a fellow harry potter fan!!! :happydance:
Well i'm a Stephin King fan and love Richard Laymon, if you like grusome he is the man for you

I also like Tess Gerritson SP?

Like the true ones as well, Angelas ashes, A boy called it etc....

But then i like Cris Manby ??

easy reading books

The only reading i do latley is on here :oops:
I'm a Harry fan too!!! https://img.photobucket.com/albums/v315/princess_h/Fave%20Smileys/dance.gif
The first book i got G to read since he was in Primary school was Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.... we were on holiday and i took it knowing he'd want to read cos i was reading lots... and he finally sat and read it and was gutted cos i hadn't taken the Chamber of Secrets too!!

He was 1st in line when the Half Blood prince was released!! He's now addicted!!

I love autobiographies, coz I'm a nosey cow :oops:

Nah, I just like to know what people have been thru to get where they are, or I may dislike them and feel completely different by the time I have finished the book.........Anne Robinson was one person I couldn't stand, but after reading her book, I think she is cool!

But I don't get to read, I should do I have about 6 books to get thru and they are all people I really like........
i got the half blood prince at midnight :oops: i went n queued 4 it lol
:lol: My DD wants that.........I am glad she don't know about the queing that goes on otherwise I would be behind you :cold:

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