looking to rent a doppler from someone

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by meandvic, Jun 5, 2011.

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    I am new to this thread... I was pregnant in November and my HCG levels werent doubling and my progesterone was low. My ob sent me for ultrasounds and the baby wasnt grow from week to week and I was bleeding/spotting early one.. long story short. After going back for 3rd ultrasound baby heartbeat was gone and i had to have a D & C....

    On a happy note,,, I am pregnant again.. My levels have been doubling but my progesterone was low and my doctor put me on prometrium and i have had 5 ultrasounds already and the baby is growing.. I am so happy.

    I have a doppler but dont know where to use it to find the heartbeat. How do I know its not mine or the swishing from placenta? Its sound gallopping to me but I dont know. I have this fear that the baby will die again inside of me. Can someone tell me how to use the doppler .. I am 10 weeks and 1 day.
    I am going for a CVS in 2 weeks.. nervous about that too.

    any input please and thank you ahead.:hugs:
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    Hi hun,

    The best place to rent them from is Ebay.

    I had one all the way from 14-40 weeks, it costs £10 a month

    Unless you're very lucky I doubt you'd be able to locate the heartbeat as early as you are.

    The earliest I did was 15.. Its just practice getting to know where you pick the heartbeat up, you just get to know the difference after time.

    Good luck with your pregnancy, hope you get a doppler sorted :flower:

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