lost my bank holiday as was in hospital for 3 nights!!!long sorry!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by first alien, Sep 2, 2009.

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    Feb 16, 2009
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    hi everyone, thought i'd just have a little rant to you all and to myself about my crappy weekend!
    it all started last week really! had an awful day thursday worrying about my dad as he crashed the car. he was fine but car very much worse off! went to see him on friday and found a very stressed sad man instead of y ususal happy daddy.
    hadn't been feeling 100% over the few days but thought it was just one of those passing feelings.
    saturday came and i was having a lot of back pain. feeling really uncomfortable and couldn't sleep. spent most of the day moving from the sofa to my bed as couldn't settle. in end decided to have bath and paracetamol as back pain was geting worse. my hubby kept asking me if baby was on his way and i just said no. well at 1:30am sunday morning i hadn't slept and now the pain was in my chest and all down my body. tummy hurting as well.
    i gave in to my hubby's requests to call the midwife. gave them a call but ass i'm booked in to a midwife Led unit was referred to the main hospital as was less than 36 weeks! (by 2 days)
    called them and they asked me to go to labour ward. at this point i cant stop crying as in so much pain. hubby grabbed my labour bag just in case i was saying to leave it as didn't want to be kept in.
    when got there tried to explain the pain but as it was everywhere i was struggling to define it. had a doctor see me who didn't dseem to see the need to tell me i was staying in. next thing i knew i was tagged up and being told i'd be taken to the ward. me and hubby were like wtf! no one had told us! he was told to go as wasn't allowed on the ward (although this seems to be different between different midwifes as over my 3 night stay i saw plenty of hubby's dropping off there wives)
    no sleep as co-codomol did nothing for me and was told this was the strongest thing i was allowed to be given! doctor came to see me the next day and because i had back pain they believed it to be a kidney infection but as i was having chest pain they were worried it could be a blood clot so asked for me to stay another night to see if antibiotics and painkillers would start working. so spent sunday in pain again just lying in bed hoping pain would go. i couldn't sit stilll for more than 5 minutes and my appetite had completely gone. hubby was great and came to see me. he ended up rubbing my back for me to try and ease my pain.
    the midwives were great but were very busy. the pain meds didn't stop the pain just numbed it for an hour if that and i could only have some every 6 hours!
    slept better sunday night so wa shoping to go home monday. pain still there tho so was told i'd be in for another night! i just wanted to go home. my blood tests were fine but have lucozites, keytones and protein in urine.
    all multiple pluses!!!
    tuesday arrived and i was finally beginning to feel normal. was told i could go home once my prescription arrived so stuck till afternoon visiting hours!

    home now and so much more relaxed. stupid thing was that i was going to do the maternity ward tour on sunday but ended up staying instead! who knew a kidney infection could be this painful. i never had any pain when weeing just horrendous back pain!
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    Oh no, you poor thing :hugs: Sounds awful hun, i'm glad you're feeling a bit better now though and you're back home.
  3. Scally

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    Jan 15, 2009
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    U poor thing, hope u feel much better soon x

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