Madison sleeping A LOT!

Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by LALSmith, Jan 31, 2011.

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    Hey ladies, I haven't been on here in quite some time but I need some advice & thought where better to come! My little girl Madison has just turned 4 months old. She sleeps quote a lot generally but I've never considered it a problem. If anything during the night it's a godsend compared to when she was a newborn lol. She usually sleeps for about 8-10 hours a night & has a couple sleeps in the day for between an hour or two & maybe a half hour cat nap also. But last night she slept for 14 hours!! She stayed at my patents Saturday night & they said she didn't go down till 2.30am & woke at about 8 so she had a lot less sleep then compared to usual & she didn't sleep much during the day while with them either. When we brought her home yesterday at about 3pm she spent most of the day asleep, only spending about 2 hours awake. She fell asleep in her bouncer at 8.45 & I put her in her cot expecting her to wake during the night but she didn't & then I HAD to wake her at 10.30 this morning & now she's asleep again. She fell asleep at about 11.30-12am. I just put it down to being tired from my parents & maybe not feeling totally comfortable staying at a different house but Joe I'm starting to wonder if I should be a bit concerned... ? Oooh she's waking up now...
    Any advise or experience of this would be great, thank you xx
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    Tut tut Laura for abandoning us! Lol.

    Didn't wanna R&R but it could be just that she stayed somewhere unfamiliar. If I take LO out all day into the evening she will sleep longer. I think it wears them out so she's probably just catching up on what she missed.

    If she's not got a temp and seems well in herself then I'm sure she's just tired. X
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    It does sounds like she sleeps a lot! I'm slightly envious as my 5 month old still wakes about 4 - 5 times a night and only takes cat naps during the day.

    It sounds like she's giving you plenty of time to get on and do your own thing during the day and lets you get a good night sleep. If you are really worried then I would take her to the doctor, but I think babies do still need a lot of sleep at 4 months.

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