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Jan 23, 2007
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Any one else had to seek MA from DWP?

I'm just printing the forms off to have a look at as i have only been with my employer 1 month since i have changed jobs so i am not eligable of SMP as i wont have been working with them 26 weeks before EWC :(

Any one been turned down for eligability and does any one know how much is the maximum a household can earn not to be eligable.

Im just worried :(
If you cant get SMP then its highly unlikely that you will be turned down for MA
I was turned down for MA from the DWP;
Infact, it took them 2 months to process any claims that I had made.
I have been working for 3 years, in numerous jobs, but was working the same job for just over a year!
The DWP knew of the dates of when I left my last employment, and in my opinion deliberately chose the 26 weeks that I wouldnt have been at work.
They claimed I had not paid enough contributions and that Im not entitled to it.
All Im living off is income support, and thats at a push- they claimed my icome support was 'incapacity' based, and the only reason I am on that particular benefit is because Im not 'fit' to go looking for work!
They still expect me to attend interviews to discuss 'going back to work', even now- they also expect sick notes from my doctor and say that if I fail to send the sick notes in, my benefits will stop, same as if I fail to attend the interviews which are set up for me.

I wish you luck when it comes to claiming ANYTHING from dwp, because they will find ANY excuse not to give you money, no matter what the situation!
By the way, to partly answer your question, no matter how much you earn (so I was told), you will only get a fixed payment of £108.
all i got was £58 a week MA !! Even that was so much hassle to sort out, took months !

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