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Nov 4, 2006
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Had my booking appointment yesterday, my midwife came round with a student. She was my last midwife so she remembers me and remembers the problems I had with my PND. I have requested a home birth and she says that as long as everything goes well there is no reason that I can't have one . I have to go and see the consultant as both my nans had diabetes, and I have to have a glucose tolerance test at 28 weeks. We also had a chat about my depression, and there is a support plan in place both antenatally and post atally so I feel very supported. As I only have a rough idea of my dates I am being sent for a scan soon to see how far gone I am. Feel more positive now, am getting excited about this pregnancy.
Thats great that you have plans in place, sounds like they are going to look after you brilliantly
That's good Beanie, I think its good having the same MW as u did with Seren, she knows u well, saves explaining everything again etc.:hugs:

Hope ur scan date comes through soon xx
That sounds really positive Beanie. Now we're moved I'm hoping to have the same mw when I finally get pg again as she was the one who fought my corner for an elective c section. I think it makes you chill out more when you know that someone knows your history.:hugs:
i have more confidence with my pnd this time, they sending me to see specialists later in pregnancy to teach me to deal with depression and try and keep it away, some new therapy their offering, apprantly its to do with playing will things to distract you???

no idea yet, but looking forward to it, i will try any thing to not get pnd
asme here parradysso. I said that I never ever want to go through again what I did with Seren as it is still something that upsets me alot today. Just to know someone will be looking out for me, and won't make me feel stupid.
yeah im hoping as i know what to expect now i will have less chance of getting pnd, they run great workshops here like art classes, where u get to have a laugh and sculpt with clay and things and really let out your feelings through sculptures or paintings, so cant wait for that
Ohhh that sounds like they have it all sewn up for you babe, looks like you will have your health in good hands!!! And nice to have the same MW again, I wished I did, makes it alot easier to talk things thru and get them to understand things when they know you! x
Any news when your scan is Beanie


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