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Missed the boat...on purpose??


Mom of 2 beautiful DD
Sep 8, 2008
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Hello All, here is alittle :dust: for everyone.

So, I know I totally missed the boat this month, and I think I did it on purpose....it's not that I don't want to get pregnant, but after 2 1/2 years of trying, sometimes I think my mind and body just can't take it anymore. And on those months I find every reason in the world to avoid BDing, all the while knowing that if I don't then there simply is no chance at all.
Am I crazy for feeling or thinking this way, or are there others who do to??
i've only just started ttc, but i have to say already it petrifies me to know how long this can take and the heartache and frustration that accompanies the wait so i can understand that after a while it must feel horrendous.

if you're being told there doesn't appear to be a medical reason as to why then please please hang in there and don't give up...you will get your bfp and it'll be so worth it, but until then don't let the down thoughts delay that moment if you can help it
x x x
Thanks for the words of encouragement!

I have PCOS, but i've had 4 rounds of clomid. , which i did O each time,one time I dropped 2 eggs and still didn't change either one....other than that we don't know of anything else wrong.
I want to believe it will happen, but i also want to accept that it just might not, we can not affrod IVF so what we are doing is it, but i'm very lucky to have one beautiful little girl!
I wish you the best of luck,and lots of :dust::dust::dust: to you!
well the fact you already have one sprog is a great sign :) has your bloke had his levels checked? x
also, have you tried looking up pcos on google? you may be able to find some advice or even just some hope from others who are in your boat and have still conceived x
hiya hun i had probs gettin pregnant to it seemed a up hill struggle and tests clomid is hell but does work i think some times we just try to hard i gave up after 3 rounds of clomid in january after trying for 17 months and got pg it can happen and will happen for all of you never give up im wishing every one of you all the luck and hope your dreams come true :hug:
Thanks! You guys are great! It's so nice to come here and have others who understand and give encouraging words and great advice!

my husband has been checked, his is fine, and it did take 10 months to get pregnant the first time, I guess it's like a friend of mine said one day "the wind just hasn't blown the right way yet"
I feel better today, more positve that it will happen (not this month , as we knoe i only BD once!)

I have another question about ovulations test, are the internet ceapest super sensitive?

i hope everyone has a great day!
Yes, some of the internet cheapies are super senstive! I bought a batch from baby wishes that are '20'. The ClearPlan/Blue are 30. www.peeonastick.com has a chart explaining all the types are how senstive they are. I get heaps more 'faints' and 'nearly' on these.

And also, I can totally understand where you're coming from re avoiding BDing. We've only been trying a few months and DH was away when I was meant to ov, and at first I was upset, but just really relaxed. AF came today and there were no tears. I think there's a lot to be said for reducing stress and having a little rest :hugs:
glad you're feeling more positive now hun. hang in there and wait for the wind to change x
Ok, so here it is 5-7 DPO, of which am just about 100% sure i missed BDing in time , we only did it once on sunday ...anywho...... gotta love our bodies..my boobs are hurting and itching like crazy and i have strange pains close to my right O and lower back pain! How crazy!!!!!99% sure not pregnant but my bodies wants to drive my crazy!!](*,)


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