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    hey so i am gona ask for advice AGAIN lol feels like something is alwys blimin going on with me lol

    so i woke up this mornin at 5am feeling fully refreshed and really happy. i havent been sleeping well at all so was pretty chuffed i had slept for 6 hours lol well come about 9ish i started to feel quite sickie but i called my mum to make arrangments for today. it feels like the minute i came off the phone i started getting really strange pains that were becoming more and more uncomfortable. thay were coming every 6 mins ish so i assumed they were bh. before i knew it i was runnng to the bathroom, throwing up in my hands and all over my floor (sorry :( ) it came up that violently that i weed myself :dohh: i clled my mum back and told her and she was like 'oh your fine'. oh was working today so i didnt wana spend the day myself so i left at 11 to meet my mum. i met her outside my docs (had to pick up prescription for malox) and again i said to her as was still getting these strong bh. again was told i was fine so by this point im quite annoyed coz its starting to really hurt. we went into town and ever 10mins i was getting pain shooting across my bump and up my vajayjay. they were getting that bad that i was having to stop walking as every step they seemed to increase in strength. my mum was now getting annoyed saying that i just had to walk slower than my already snail like pace. (been diagnosed with spd and already wear a brace so think she thought it was that) i carried on round town with her like this and ent back to hers. they seemed to settle for a bit by now happening once maybe every 20mins so i was quite happy. it was a close friends birthday this evning so due to me feeling a lil more relaxed i went out (pool hall then back to theirs for a couple of juices) wen i reached the pool hall they started t come back but thought tat they would settle. oh was home by this point and was quite concerned. i was walking down the stairs of the place and had this huge pain shot up my bits and across my bump making me double over and i honestly couldnt move from this position for about a min and a half. i was mortified as everyone was staring at me. thay were then coming every 15mins but getting sorer every time. we went back to friends and they started coming on every 8ish mins. i decided i was done and came home and after about ten mins in the door i had to run to the loo wih a serious case of the runs :nope:. i had a 2 hour long bath :haha: and took paracetamol but it doesnt seem to have had any effect. i had 5/6 of these pains in that time. after each time baby seems to protest quite a bit and starts jumping everywhere. now i have already been in hosp quite a bit with this pregnancy and add that to the anxiety caused my previous losses and im starting to feel like a complete nutter lol do i call mw and get her opinion or do you reckon its just spd? i am still getting the pains the now and its becoming agony to move while having them. sorry if i am coming across as a complete nutter but im starting to get a lil stressed by this. what would you girls do? please help :flower:



    ps i had a show weeks ago that was confirmed my docs and was already kept in for 4days wen i was only 23weeks as they thought i was in pre term labour.

    pps i havent felt a pain like this ever :cry:


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