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  1. Siyren

    Siyren Guest

    unlike a lot of women on here, the problem is with my mum not my mother in laws.

    my little girl is currently at nursery (usually i'd be at uni, but im off sick with a stomach bug)- i sent her in hoping to prevent her from catching it off me and so i could catch up on sleep,
    but all morning apparently she's being curling up on the floor and crying and just generally being off colour.

    she's not been ill yet but i think if she's not happy there she belongs here with her mummy, but i cant go get her as its a hour walk (and i really need t be near a loo tmi i know!)
    and my partner is on training for a new job and cant get away. i cant find anyone else to get her
    my mum works at the nursery and she's refusing to drop her off here on her lunch break (she only lives two streets over from my house) saying its better off lyssa stays where she is as it;ll keep her busy and her mind off feeling ill.
    - imo she's obviously feeling miserabl, and she needs her mummy, and she's risking infecting other kids if she does have my bug.

    grrr i just want her home!!
    this is a typical thing for my mum to do btw, assume she knows best against mine and my partners wishes x
  2. lynnikins

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    Dec 19, 2009
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    i would see if one of the other nusery workers could pop her over on lunchbreak if your mum has the carseat it shouldnt be too hard
  3. Siyren

    Siyren Guest

    oooh good idea i'll ask, i was so focused on being annoyed at my mum i never thought of that. thanks hun x
  4. fantastica

    fantastica Mum.

    Oct 13, 2009
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    Hope you managed to sort things and you're both feeling better soon xx

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