Must be Weirdo Ebay Day


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Sep 15, 2006
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I was almost tempted to buy the dam paperclip but the picture is freekie!:rofl:
Okay, I'm a dork..I have no idea what he's selling! Is he actually trading a paper clip for a house? Please explain.

P.S. The pic is funny though. It's a look of true he was getting cornholed!
Basicly, He wants you to buy the paper clip. What ever he gets for that paperclip, he will then buy somthing else on ebay for the price you bought that paper clip for. Then He will sell the said Item he just bought on ebay and try to get more money for that. Then use that money to buy something else and so on and so on until he has enough money to buy a bloody house.

People on ebay are not stupid, if you buy something for $5.00 and try to sell for more, no one will buy it.
Ohhh...okay The shite people do when they absolutely no life. LOL
Daft Bugger....rather him than me, too much bloody hard work :lol:
its old news some one atampted it before kris told me agggeeees ago i think he done well getting far cant remember the outcome lol
This Guy Has now gotten 1 Bid for his paperclip. If he sells that paperclip Im going to try this.
Ok im pissed ....

(as in drunk)

Its sweet ....


I think i want the clip .......
DONT DO IT IMI! But if you want to buy a paperclip Ill sell you one.:rofl:

Are you really Pissed? Can I have some?:rofl:
Imn hammeredc!"

I want the clip ....

Im bidding on the clip!
:rofl::rofl::rofl:Ill bloody Give you a Paper Clip!:rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Yall are so funny! I've never bought, sold or bid on anything on Ebay. I surely wouldn't attempt it drunk..I would probably give the sob my house. LOL
I can not beleive it...The Paper Clip is up to $6.00
Suz....back away from the ebay!You're going to buy it!
Heck no Im not going to buy it. I have all the Paperclips I need at work:rofl:

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