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Aug 29, 2008
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so I had an appointment for a non stress test today. It was at 9am when my baby is least active. So I go and get hooked up to the monitor and 30 minutes later the doctor tells me (rudely) the Babys heart rate is a little low (about 130s) now mind you I hadent eaten anything yet and had been up since 7am at this point. All I had was a coffee. So they have me get a U/S and the baby had 30 minutes to inhale for 30 seconds straight. (to show she is using her lungs and that theyre functioning). Well she inhaled twice very quickly, they estimated about 2 seconds each time. Well she was sleeping and the tech nudged my stomach to get her going and everytime she got nudged she would put her hand or foot up in aggravation then stretch a bit and go back to sleeping. The tech said she was moving good and everything looked fine except her inhaling. So I was told I could not leave and that I should go over to labor and delivery. After a little wait I ask the rude doctor why I need to go if everything is fine well she said she was contacting my prenatal doctor and they'd all make the final decision on if I could leave, eat and come back to get monitored a couple hours later. Basically the rude doctor didn't hand me the phone but threw it on the desk for me to speak to my prenatal dr. Anyway I end up hearing the rude dr say I may have to deliver and I'm only 36 weeks 5 days. 2 more days till full term and everyday counts! So clearly I didn't want her out today! I go to labor and delivery and get hooked up to the monitor again and eat. Of course like I told them she gets up and moves around 1pm AND whenever I eat. So after an hour of freakng out I hear the dr rush in and she says your baby is doing great, I'm sending you home! I was so happy but mad they don't listen to people when I know my body and baby! Annnnd I am on a medication that has a sedative effect and I had just taken it 30 minutes before I got there at 9am. Overall scary day but baby is doing real good and has been moving all day since I left.
Glad all is ok. It is so frustrating when you feel as if the docs aren't listening to you at all. They seem to forget that you are a real person, not just a hospital file.
Glad everything is ok...

I was told 130 for a babies heartbeat is a normal resting rate...

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