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My pregnancy so far!


Dec 30, 2006
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Well seen as I just joined thought I would give a quick info about me.

I'm 14 wks now, and at 6 weeks after a heavy bleed I had a scan and it showed that I was carrying twins, but I lost one of them. I had a scan yesterday, and I'm pleased to say that the surviving twin is very healthy and active!

I've also had hyperemesis (like last time) and have been in hospital twice for a week each time. The last time I got out just a few days before Christmas. Thankfully, the meds that I am on seem to be helping and I can now manage to eat and drink alright, even though I'm not feeling 100% all the time.

My big scan is on the 9th Feb, and we are NOT finding out the sex of this baby! We did with my son, but this time I've decided I want the suprise!

So that's about it for me!

Hello and welcome, pleased to hear the good news about your baby and hope you continue to have a happy healthy pregnancy in the new year X i am due on the 30th June with my second also :)
thanks :)

And i forgot to mention that yesterday during my scan I felt movements for the first time this pregnancy!
Thats lovely, i felt flutters for the first time Monday and was worrying cos i hadn't felt anything since but am pleased to say i felt them again a little while ago x
Awwwwwwww sorry for your loss, but I am glad all is going well with LO!

I too have hyperemesis, not nice is it.....I had my medication doubled a few months back and have not looked back since, although I still have off days and if I don't take the meds, there is hell to pay :?

Glad your pergnancy is going well now hun, I look forward to the piccies of your 20 week scan......

Take care :hugs: x
aaaawwwww hope all goes well for the rest of your pregancey keep us all updates

So sorry about your other twin xx, glad the other one is healthy , hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly


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