Nappy rash

Sep 4, 2006
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Anyone have any miracle cures for nappy rash? Abbie has got it twice since she's been born and she is just getting over the second time now. It seems to need to get worse before it can get better... She doesn't seem bothered but it just looks so sore. I wish I could do something more.. I have tried countless creams but nothing seems to work!!
I think prevention is probably better than cure but i cant really advide on what would prevent as ive never had to deal with nappy rash before, maybe vaseline?
I just used Nappy Cream and that was all. it kept my two clearof nappy rash :D. i still use it now if ever they get a sore bum
I used sudocrem when Nathan had nappy rash and that cleared it up. Maybe try changing nappies and wipes if the cream dosent help :)
hi i know exactly what you are going through, alexis has been prone (?) to getting diaper rash since she was born she will go about a month and a half without one, then one will appear sometimes as quick as one diaper change to another

and it will be BAD no warning, nothing, it is crazy and NOTHING works, my dr says teething....i say.....shes 9 months old and has had about 6 of these rash's i dont think thats teething :?

they are always red and raw and make her wake up in the night crying (which is hard on me lol as she has always slept through except when she has these) they last about a week or two and are just the worst things ever and hurt her poor little bum it makes me so sad.

the only thing i really can reccomend is corn starch, which doesn't even work all that great but it works better than the creams and stuff... also, if your baby gets diareha (sp?) lol then give them some yogurt (i think they might have to be past a certain age not sure) it will clear it up. alexis seems to get a rash and 3 days in get really bad diarreha which is probably why it takes so long to clear up, but the yogurt really helps, and i found in one store yogurt that is actually FOR babies so that was a plus....

anyways yeah, diaper rash is really sad to deal with you ladies who never dealt with it are very lucky :D :D anyways yeahi reccomend corn starch and yogurt hope it helps a bit xxxxxx
change her as soon as she gets wet ...

Wash her bum with luke warm water (nothing in it)

Followed by sudocream ...

Works wonders babes :)

Good luck, poor lil mite, not nice to see them looking sore .. you'd rather it be u!!
I have used a product called Boudreaux's Butt Paste, (you can get it on-line) everytime I change my little one's diaper. She is 14 months old and has not had one diaper rash.

Good luck
Lydia had bad nappy rash when she was younger. I stopped using sudocreme and started using vaseline and it cleared right up. No problems now. I really recommend vaseline.
I also use sudocrem but when it gets really bad i use bepathan which an oniment and works wonders for Mya. HTH :)
i use bepanthan it's the best stuff i've tried my lo's get nappy rash all of a sudden and really bad sometimes (cracked skin and bleeding) only have to use bepanthan once or twice and thats it, it's gone x
The nurses in hospital told us that. We get here in the pharmacy a so called "zinksalbe" (consisting of 10g zincoxid, 7,5g cod-liver oil and 10g glycerol). Put this ointment on the sore "area" and cover the area witha a kind of gauze bandage to protect it.
I also used Sudocrem and have used bepanthan and I think they are great........but I know if it is really bad a GP can suggest other ideas.

Hope it clears up soon!! xx
Hi thanks everyone..

This time the the rash has cleared up a good bit... Abbie is teething now so I'm thinking that *could* have been part of the reason for this rash although I don't know how that explains the last one... anyway what finally worked was not bathing her for three days... I read someplace that water sometimes can make matters worse so we just cleaned with baby wipes and it actually worked!!! So now all I have to deal with is a a baby who is teething early! :lol:
Awwwwwww glad all is well..................good luck with the teething, hope she doesn't suffer too much hun :hugs xx
my son use to get it BAD, i use to let him " air out" lay naked for like 30 mins a day...liek maybe fore bath
Yeah that was another thing I forgot about..............get plenty of air to the bum, they love it and it gives it chance to heal a bit! xx

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