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    Hi there!

    I’m Holly and I’m a third year Illustration student at the University of Worcester. For my final year project, I am researching how same-sex parents are represented in children’s books and how the topic of same-sex parents can be best introduced to children in order to promote tolerance, whether they themselves have gay parents, or for general diversity and inclusivity purposes. My aim is to write and illustrate my own book on this topic by the end of the project.

    As part of my research, I’m hoping that I can find some parents who parent with a same-sex partner who might be able to help me by taking part in a brief email interview (or just replying on here, of course!) about what children’s books they have found useful in introducing the topics of diversity and gay-parent families to their children and whether their children’s school has taken any action in introducing the topic in the classroom.

    I would also be really interested to know if there is any guidance or advice any of you would have on how you deal with questions such as “why do I have two mommies/daddies and my friends have a mommy and a daddy?”, etc… or questions about how their family was formed (e.g. adoption, surrogacy, sperm donor, etc…). Any information would be really helpful in writing the narrative and choosing how to phrase things in a way that is suitable for children but still factually correct and sensitive.

    Thanks in advance!
    Holly Reynolds
    [email protected]

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