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Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by pinkmommy, Apr 16, 2009.

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    i have not posted here for a while... but I really need some advice.

    Please do not flame me I am totally having axienty over this.

    I am pregnant due in may my sister is pregnant due in august

    I know I am having a girl and she finds out this week what she is having...

    We already use the same babysitter for our first children, I already have a girl and she has a boy.

    this babysitter is a family friend and is cheap, she does alot with our kids and they are there together no other kids, i have not had issues as of yet of them being to cliggy with each other my Dd is very independepent and does her own thing, she also is 3 years younger then my nephew.

    Now here is the issue, I am having anxiety over my sister finding out that she will also have a girl, this will mean our kids will be very close in age, and doing everything together, even will go to the same preschool at the same time and be at the baby sitter together all day long. i worry that the kids will rely on each other too mucha nd my 2nd DD will not be as independent as my DD is and will use her cousin as a clutch, I also worry that if she is a girl there will be a huge competition b/t them and they will never be able to do things by themselves. My DD takes dance now, and plan on doing it with my 2nd DD, I can just hear it now that my sister will want to put them in the same classes b/c I am already taking my DD, my sister relies on other people to take her son places for her especially the babysitter b/c she works, but so do I.

    I guess my problem is if they are the same gender it will cause more problems in the long run the if they were opposite sex.

    Thoughts? Anyone been through this?
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    Hmmm not sure what to say hun but I would think it would be nice to have them so close in age! gives them a chance to become really good friends! I wish my sister or someone in my family was having a baby sometime soon so LeeAnne could have someone to be close too but that wont be happening any time soon!
    It's probably something that you will have to take one day at a time and figure out IF it happens, no need in worrying over something that might not even happen! :hugs:

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