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Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by Sweetie, Oct 17, 2008.

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    I've been really confused as of late. Before my DD was born I was a 28 day cycle kinda girl right down to the hour! My DD was born July 20th and I stopped bleeding within about 12days. I had AF on September 4th for the first time and nothing since, I breastfeed 3 times a day and supplement the rest and didn't know that AF could dissapear randomly because of this so I tested to see if something was up but got 2 :bfn: and 2 faulty ones where nothing showed up, not even a control line. We aren't trying and aren't preventing at this time but would be thrilled with another. On the 13th (twice)and again on the 14th I had these strange pains right in around my pubic bone and a bit above. I dont' remember ever feeling them before but as we have never really tried (DD was a surprise) I'm wondering if I've had it and just never noticed it before. They felt kinda like little shooting pains (like I was being poked) and only lasted for a few minutes.

    I'm wondering if this all was maybe ovulation pains? And anyone who can shed any light on what might be going on or share their experiences would be great.

    And... if we BD'd on the 11,12 and13th...if it was actually ovulation pains could I be getting / have gotten preggers???

    Thanks for reading to anyone who made it all the way through BTW
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    it shounds like o pain mine last night was near my hip and like shooting pains only lasted about 5 min but really bad had me dubled over. if you bd the day befor this then u could be 3 dpo

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