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new hair do


I'm an old bag!
Sep 1, 2006
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Ok this is not the best pic ever as i took it on my phone this morning, but you get the idea :)

No pink as she couldn't get it so we just went with what was in her case lol
So what do you think? be brutal i can take it, i'm a big girl now:rofl:

*edit* god i looked dozy don't i??
oohh very nice Jo :D
I only remember your hairdo as what you had from the Leeds meet lol
Thanks girls, glad you like it

AG this is what it was like a couple of weeks ago
I like it, but God that picture really doesn't look like you!
I know i look a right gimp, took about 10 pics on phone and that was best:rofl:
Glad you girls like it, will post a better one at some point
i love it Jo! you look totally different on that picture! really suits you x
I will be honest I am not sure at all,I love the colours they look lovely but I like your long hair,but it is a nice hairstyle. It has been cut really well.
You are lucky tho as you have the face shape to suit hair anyway.
Bexxie i'm not that sure either TBH, and that pic is foul!!
Because she did it at home I was trying to explain what i wanted, but was hard LOL, i think am gonna leave it to grow a bit and have it more sweeping on top, if you get what i mean

Thanks girls means a lot that you like it(pfft dunno why but ya know)

I loved going to school yesterday and all mums i talk to doing a double take:)

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