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TTc after loss baby W2
Sep 14, 2006
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Anyone else still not got their libido back? I still don’t want DH to even look at me never mind touch me and it is really getting me down. We had such an active sex life and I loved sex, but since finding out I was pregnant we both where scared to do anything before the 12 week milestone (yes I know we can’t harm the baby, but we just seemed to think waiting till after we get passed the ‘safe’ period is best). We DTD once on our anniversary night and that has been it for the past three months! Wow I have never gone so long without it! :shock:

Anyone else had it disappear for so long? I really do hope we get it back, I know it’s a great and kinda an important part of showing how much we care and love each other. :friends:

We go away this Sat for a week, maybe the sea air and relaxing will bring out the rabbits in us lol!
Awwwwwwwwww babe :hugs:

You are not the only one hun, alot of women go off of it due to tiredness, feelinig rough or not wanting to harm the baby.........

I on the other hand went the complete opposite way and was addicted to it, Poor Paul was knackered :oops: but I have to say of late, I can take it or leave it, I am not really fussed..........I think the fact that I 'feel' pregnant now is making a difference :?

I think when you go away, you will find the rabbits in you I think more than ever you have to be relaxed and you have to feel special at the moment, not all the time, but once in a while....and hey presto :wink:

But you certainly are not alone in feeling this way babe! xx
One of the first signs I thought I was pregnant was my lack of sex drive!!! Me nd OH have a very active sex life but I just didn't want him near me for atleast a month! I was so upset, I didn't understand why I didn't want him. He was even more upset! Then as I got more early symptoms (V sore boobs!!) we took a test and there it was!!!!

Now 12weeks on I'm similar to Tam, will take it or leave it but I am hopefull that it will start coming back in the next month or so :) fingers crossed xxx

Because I didn't know I was pregnant throughout most of my 1st Trim i think i'm finding it easier. Maybe it is becoming psycological for you because of initial fear in the 1st trim of harming the baby!

Hope this helped!!!!
Well I have to say I aint really into it now lol. We did it loads before our 12 week scan and then we stopped and havent had any since.
We abstained for first tri (was scared cos of previous mc) and since then I would say we have prob done it on average only once a week (poor DH!) I am just so tired most of the time!!
We abstained throughout 1st tri due to a lot of bleeding, but managed to get a bit more back to normal after that.

Although for the last few weeks my DH has been reluctant to as he seems to think he'll poke the baby in the eye or something :rofl: Bless him. I'm not too bothered about it at the moment, can take it or leave it so it's not really a problem.
mine drive is still awol I do it jsut to keep him happy though, if I dont he keeps on and on at me, or makes me give him oral which I cant stand!
Im hoping it will suddenly return one day but who knows!
every ones different but yuor not alone in having no sex drive!
I do not want it at all...haha. I feel bad for my boyfriend. He used to get it alot and now its maybe once every 3 to 4 weeks..if that. No good. I just do not want it, I would rather sleep and not deal with it. So I know how you feel girl.
I don't want it. I really hope I do once our little one comes!! I was told not to have sex until I go for my 28 weeks ultrasound this friday to see if my placenta has moved up, I guess that makes it better! lol.... My DH doesn't seem to mind though. I still do 'other services' for him, because I feel bad, and HE feels bad that I feel like I have to do that.
I have no drive whatsoever, and reading some of your posts my OH should feel lucky! He actually said the other day "we haven't done it in forever" and I was like "what are you talking about we just did" and he said "that was like 4 days ago!!". What a hornball ugh. Everyone keeps telling me it increases but my drive just keeps going down down down :( i feel like it's a chore now lol
I would like to but DH says he is totally put off by me being pregnant!! Not in an awful way he said but he would rather not!! Charming!! Now hes said that ive never wanted it more!! :rofl:

Oh well, looks like we wont be doing anything until way after the baby is born!! Roll on July!! :rofl:

My sex drive goes awol for weeks, then returns for a few days, then goes missing again. My poor hubby doesn't know what to make of it. I'm just not interested, then I'll give in out of pity for him, and suddenly I want it more than ever for a few days. Then back to not wanting it at all. Hormones!

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