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Discussion in 'Miscarriage Support' started by solastyear, Jul 5, 2013.

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    I found out I was pregnant at 3 weeks 4 days and was super excited becuase this was following a miscarriage in April. At 5w I started spotting and it progressed to bleeding like a period with bright red blood, went to the er and had a blood draw ( was at 1500) and an internal ultrasound and found a sac, and was sent home. The bleeding continued as heavy as a period until my follow up appointment two days later. Went and saw my doctor and my numbers had risen (2500) and once again did an exam (closed cervix) and found the sac and what seemed to be the beginning of a yolk, but found bleeding behind the baby and the doctor seem concerned about this. So I once again went to have my blood drawn two days later and it went down to (2255) but my cervix is still closed (she didnt do an ultrasound this time, not sure why)and the bleeding is now spotting off and on and pink in color with no pain at all...the doctor said she doesn't feel this is a viable pregnancy and my options are to wait to miscarry naturally or Dnc..I'm very concerned and confused becuase with my last miscarriage cervix was open and was passing clots and tissues and LOTS of pain...what do you ladies think?
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    When your cervix is closed and the bleeding is slowing down/gone, I would say that's good news. As for your numbers dropping, I just read somewhere that it happens occasionally and it's still a viable pregnancy. I'd hold off until you can get a followup u/s and/or lab work just to confirm what's going on.

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