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Not superstitious...


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Jun 24, 2008
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So me and my OH aren't superstitious at all. Lately we've been thinking about getting things ready for bub on a budget to start off with.. don't want to go overboard, so gna get important things first... we were looking on ebay and ended up getting a car seat and also looked at moses baskets...
There was this GORGEOUS pink moses basked that said sugar and spice on it and OH who's convinced we're having a girl anyway fell in love with it and said we had to get it. lol We watched it and it ended up going for £13 and they bought it for £80 new, BARGAIN its soooooo cute.
So now we have the car seat and moses basket even though its 3 weeks today till the gender scan but we've decided we'll dye the top blue or get another top for it if its a boy. So OH might have sealed our fate of having a boy now knowing my luck lol.
Ah well it was so cheap we couldn't resist and looks so cute, been feeling really hormonal lately so it has rly cheered me up having these to look at.
What du think???....... xxxxx

Love it so cute! The only thing i will say is u not really supposed to use 2nd hand carseats incase they been in an accident
Thanks danni yeah read alot about this recently so we'll deffo be getting a new car seat, just excited and nice to have things just to look at you know. It was only a couple of quid so thats alright. It's mainly the moses basket i'm cooing about lol :cloud9: :cloud9:
Oooh the basket is lovely! If on october the 21st you find out your on team blue you can always send the basket to meee lol!
I really wanna start buying stuff for my LO but im too superstitious, im waiting till LO is in my arms... I dont even wanna buy simple babygro's....shes gonna end up comin home wrapped in pink loo roll or something!
Love the moses basket honey! Always wise to start buying things like that!!! We started to do that a while ago!
And we also did a baby jar, before we started to TTC, as we figures if we saved @ 30.00 a month if it toke us awhile at least when it happened we had some pennies saved already
I was the same nervous about getting stuff but have done now. I have a few bits and pieces the major stuff comes when I get my grant.

I love the moses basket. I decided not to get one as apparently they only fit in them for a few months. I cant wait to get my pram and all.

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