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not sure if i fit in here.....


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Nov 12, 2006
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hi everyone.
im not too sure if i should be posying on here as im 21 now. im mum to lily-mae whos 7 months and jordans 5. i had my jordan when i was 15 though. tell me to bog off if you dont think i should be here lol :D
nobody is gonna tell you to bog off. there are other teen mums on here - i'm pretty sure. i know you aren't a teen now but you know what i mean x
i'm 23 - couldn't remember for a second there :shock:
twinkletoes I'm sure any teen mums or mums to be would apprieciate someone who has been through pregnancy & motherhood when they were a teenager :D
hahah wobs.... yeah all you oldies can give us some advice :rofl:
Hi Twinkletoes....:hi:

Feel free to be in here hun, you have been thru teenage pregnancy and I am sure can offer plenty of advice and support!

Welcome hun and hope you enjoy it on here! x
Terrie said:
hahah wobs.... yeah all you oldies can give us some advice :rofl:
LOL Wish I could but not much advice on pregnancy yet :D Just if I have read something I will reply the best I can from what I've picked up from others & websites x

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