not sure if pregnant or not???

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Groups & Discussions' started by Genuinejuls, Feb 23, 2018.

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    Feb 23, 2018
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    Hey everyone,my names julia,but my friends call me juls. Im a mother of 6,and i feel as if im possibly pregnant again,having had 3 hpts a few wks ago,all coming back as positive,then another 1 or 2 wks ago again positive,but since then theyve all come back negative.No period as such but a little bit of bleeding every now and again,my boobs are all good no change aside from theyve gotten bigger, cant walk very far,without feeling as if id just run a marathon,meeaning i get real short of breath,just from walking,100mtrs down the road,then 100 mtrs back. Lower back ache,no nausea,thank god literally, and feeling hot and quite sweaty when others arnt,movement,which use to be fairly constant,but isnt soo much now, oh i also have a big prgnant much so that people say oh so i see your expecting another bub! More to this but ill leave the rest till another time,or if someone whos be where i am now,and turned out to be pregnant,or not,or evenn knows of somebody in the same situation,any one wants to say hi,please do so,id love to speak to anyone who wants to talk.cheers to you all.:thumbup:
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    I’d maybe go and get some blood tests done?

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