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not sure wether to worry


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Sep 25, 2006
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when i had my d&c the surgeon after said he wanted me to have a smear in 4 wks due to my cervix being lumpy etc,he told me to book it with my gp,which i was going to do,however this morning ive got an apointment through for the 6th december at the main womens hospital,bearing in mind this hospital is totally out of my area i was having baby there due to being near in laws for the kids to be looked after . its in the Colposcopy section,ive never gone to hospital before for a smear and i cant understand why theyve called me to go there when id normally get the nurse at my surgery to do it :?
I wouldn't worry about it too much Lou, easier said than done i know

It will be so they can get a better look i would think

After i had my smear last week, because they haven't grabbed enough cells etc... before she told me that if it was inconclusive again this time i would have to go to the hospital as they have better equipment.

So thats probably all it is so you are not being messed about if the nurse does it and they can't see what they want to see

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