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Sep 3, 2006
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Ladies can anyone help me how reliable are the ebay cheapie tests are? ok i know i have got the BFP but should the lines be getting darker by now on them as they dont seem to be How often do your HCG levels rise? Should i be worried im making the app with the docs on friday to see them.
I tried something Layla said & that was if I tested in the morning then maybe in afternoon my afternoon tests seemed darker.

Another thing I noticed with the cheapies is you don't often get a line as dark as the control line ... I even tested this out when I was on hCG injections few months back & it was the same this time round although a few times it was but I got a HB. They say a pg test won't determine how pregnant you are & I believe that now.

They should begin to appear to get darker though although your AF would have been due only about now so it might not be the case right now what I do know is it will send you loopy if you carry on. You have had 2 healthy pregnancies personally I think if in your shoes I would leave it at the digi & enjoy it :D
Thanks wobbles i guess your right im just paranoid thats all :headspin: I will believe it from when i see the doc and the 1st scan i guess!!!!!!
i use cheapies all the time, i trust them, they work for me.

It took a while till i got a dark line but any line is a positive.

I tested yesterday and my test line is now darker than the control line, im sure yours will get to that point too.

Stop fretting and just enjoy the pregnancy :)


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