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Crazy are you all feeling better now?

Esp, is your cramping feeling better?
No we all still have lingering coughing, sneezing/nasal drainage. I feel wiped out honestly. We no longer have the body chills or aches and for that I am thankful.
Hi ladies,
Ive had no more cramping and nausea has officially set in. Right now am eating crackers watching tv until i gather strength to go upstairs and vacuum. 6 weeks today. In one week i have my scan. Looking fwd to it and at the same time very nervous about it.
How about you girls? How r u guys feeling?
Hope you're feeling better today crazy

Esp, yay for nausea! Well I will be happy if I get it but I hope you don't feel too bad!

Symptoms for me are tiredness, headaches and discharge like I normally get when pregnant so that is reassuring me, midwife appointment 13th March feels like ages away

Done a clear blue yesterday just because it was £2 reduced from £9 lol and I love a bargain, test like came up before the control line instantly
Hoping for 3+ on the digital next week, although my friends never changed from 2-3 so I'll try not to panic if mine doesn't

I am feeling better but still have a cough, I think it's due to nasal drainage so I started a nasal spray yesterday to see if it helps. My pregnancy symptoms are still tiredness and nausea. I am getting more bloated as well. Based on lmp I am 7 weeks today, my first ultrasound is the 4th of March. I so badly want to see little ones heartbeat!
Nice test Star! I'm glad we don't have the weeks estimater tests where I'm at, I think it would make me worry to much. I do hope you get your 3+ the next time you take it!
Star that test looks great! I can actually say i ve never had these symptoms so early. Now i getting that weird cramping again. Hope it goes away soon cause it freaks me out a bit. But i do understand you star25 about the 3+ on the digi. I bought a package of 2 online and that is why i could do it this time. Otherwise i had promised myself not to use them anymore cause of the amount of stress that it brings. I wish for all of us patience and calm, and 3 little hearts beating very strong.
I think i got an early scan due to my previous losses. Am really trying not to think to much about the past anymore.
Thank you ladies

I think I just felt my first wave of nausea, fingers crossed haha

I really want an early scan but at the same time the thought of waiting to see that heartbeat makes me anxious, I might just see what it's like to wait for that first 12 week scan, in reality I haven't got the patience but I'm scared!!
Haha rambling this evening, I've been painting as our house has a viewing Saturday and our walls around the bottom were so grubby with all the little hands, absolutely knackered now after a rubbish sleep with dd last night and half a day at work, going to try and eat something and have an early night!

Crazy, hope the 4th March comes round quick for you!

Esp, let's all look forward together and send positive thoughts to our 3 little ones

Hope you all have a good evening
Just had some spotting, it's light pink and was with some cm after a Bm, but then every time I wiped there was still pink in the paper, even when I went back to wee again, looks like I'm going to have to have that early scan after all, my anxiis through the roof, not sure if feeling cramps or imagining it, going to try and sleep and hope it doesn't get worse
Praying that it's just irritation of your cervix! Are you able to call and ask for an early scan?
It's got worse and is proper blood now, only when wiping but doesn't look good, I should be able to get a scan in the morning, this is awful, no cramping yet
The spotting is still there, only when I wipe and seems to be less
I took myself to epu and they arranged a scan for 2 hrs later so I hung around the hospital

Scan showed a sac measuring 4-5 weeks, no yolk sac or faetal pole
She said it could be too early, took blood for hcg, will. Repeat Sunday and see Dr to arrange next scan in a week or so, in limbo

The only good thing was there was a haematoma next to sac so that explains the spotting rather than a. Miscarriage

Only time will tell now

I thought I saw a slight white line in the sac and after the midwife doing blood test said she saw the same, without me mentioning it first, so that could have been the start of something
Frustrating that I started bleeding because if not I wouldn't have gone for the early scan and had these unanswered questions

Hope everything is ok with you ladies
I'm sorry you are in limbo! Hoping you were just to early and that you will see your sweet babe at the next scan!
Oh am sorry you are going through this scare star! But also on a positive note the spotting most probably comes from the hematoma. Keeping everything crossed for you dear!
The bleeding is heavy like a. Period now and reaching the pad, at least if this is it, it's starting now so by the time sun comes for bloods they would have dropped and I'll have the answer, rather than them doubling Sunday then bleed heavy after that, I don't know what to think anymore, but I'm. Not optimistic anymore
Thank you for your support ladies
Oh no Esp, how are you now? Hopefully all OK for you, have you got any cramps?

Mine has lightened overnight, probably from resting but it's still bright red when I wipe, no cramps, I don't think it's a miscarriage yet, I think it's the haematoma yet, the empty sac is a separate issue, how can there be so much drama on a pregnancy so early, I wish I hadn't gone for that scan

Thinking of you Esp, will you get an early scan?
I was cramping a bit but not it seems to be gone. Spotting is brown. I feel quite normal ( not pregnant) so im not sure but also I feel some sort of peace, its weird. I prayed for it to be a good pregnancy and if it wasn't just to end naturally. Sending big hugs dear.
I will wait and see if this gets heavier I think its clear what is happenning. Otherwise I will call the midwives on Monday.
Crazy am wishing you the best and I really dont want to upset you with these news

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