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Own room


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Aug 31, 2006
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We finaly finished Coby's room last night, and he slept in there on his own in a bed for the first time.

He is in the back part of the house next to Ethan, we are in the front, there is quite a lengh between us so we had monitors on over night so we could hear him just in case, but as far as im aware, he slept fine! It was Jases night to listen out for him so admitily i switched off and went to sleep but i dont think he woke up. PLus he slept in this morning too!

We have a futon mattress at the bottom of his bed incase he rolls out, but he was still in bed this morning :happydance:

Me and Jase have got our space back :D

Woohoo, glad it went well hun.
Awww fantastic layla!!

Well Done Colby!
ha ha spoke to soon, Jase just text, he said he was restless all night and kept falling out on to the futon lol

better luck tonight!

awwww thats great he has his own room now hun :happydance:
we didnt put adele into a bed till she was about 2 1/2 by then she was potty training so i kept the potty beside her bed too incase she needed the toilet that way i didnt have to run downstairs with her in the middle of the night :lol:

going to wait and soo how colby does but shes not even walking yet and showing no interest in starting so might take me a bit longer with Colby :dohh:
Well done Coby! xx
awww is it hard to put them in their own room ? Im so used to Ella being there and shes going in this weekend, I'll probably cry lol. think Iv deided to keep her in her vot for now tho maybe for another 3 months or so. can we see pics of his room ?
Good luck for tonight babe! x
Hope he's a bit better tonight layla!


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