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Sep 24, 2008
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Does anyone know if we can eat packaged sandwich ham heard somewhere deli meats are a no go area so confussed. Also what about parmesan cheese?
you are not supposed to eat deli meats because of the risk of bacteria that may cause food poisoning. you are supposed to heat it if you want to eat it.
never understood what it ment by deli meats?

Can you explain please
deli meats are the processed sliced meats we typically eat on subs.
Wow, thats surprised me, I have always been eating packet ham!
Can't imagine anything worse than heating it up, guess all the ham in the fridge will have to chucked into a spaghetti carbonara then. No ham sarnies for us!
I didnt relise i shouldnt have basic ham.. eaten loads of it.
oh no.

Only time i like hot ham is with cheese in a toastie!!

I avoid packaged sanwiches because of the mayonnaise
Spoke to my Mum this eve and she said that as long as ham is in date and fresh maybe buy small amount at a time shouldn't be a problem and that my sisters always had ham and turkey sandwiches through pregnancies so i will continue eating my fav ham,edam and chili sauce sarnies!
even If the meat is before the expiry it can still be tainted.the biglisteria outbreak in canada was allfresh meat. of course it is yourdecision just thought iwould let you know
I live in Canada and we have had a TERRIBLE listeriosis outbreak here. A lot of was from pre-packaged sandwiches and peperoni. Since the outbreak I havn't had any sort of deli-meats. Before that tho I hate bologna like it was going outta style!! It was all I could stomach for weeks! I talked to my midwife and she said everything in moderation. If all you can stomach bc of bad morning sickness/all day sickness is bologna then eat it rather then starving yourself. Its all just a matter of personal decisions! I eat and drink a lot of things you probably shouldnt (not like alcohol or anything, just a lot of pop, junk food when Im craving it). Just think of our parents and the things they ate back then, it seems more and more nowadays pregnant women cant eat or drink anything because it could be harmful! My midwife says my baby is 100% healthy and at no risks.
You can eat mayo from the jar like hellmans and those they are pasturized.
My doc said i u are eating prepacked ham, open it then eat it that day or throw the rest out. If arent preggers the bacteria wont do any harm but apparently it can if u are pregggers. Thats what i was told.
Hmm first ive heard of this.
Ive gone along with the rule (off my common sense) meats from delit counter to be avoided and packet meats are fine.
I dont really eat much of it anyways so i dont think its a biggie.
I think its just if u open it and dont eat it quicky. I know the packs say eat 2-3 days after opened but i now just only eat the day its opened
I work on a deli counter so i know how the dates work with opened stuff :lol:
Well I've ate ham,chicken out of a packet all the way through.

And everything's fine.
I had a nice ham and cheese toastie for lunch using my george forman grill as this heat the ham up, which is the way they say you should eat it. I agree with porkiepie1981, eat it all the day you open it, if not throw it away or throw it into a pasta dish make carbonara or something like a toastie, heated up is fine. Dx
oops went to sunway other day and got turkey, ham, and bacon on it! wnt be doin that agen! xxx
listeria doesn't grow after the meat starts to outdate guys. It is already in the meat. All you need to do is heat it up till it's steaming. If you look here in canada food processing plants that package the meats that are supposed to be not contaminated are contaminated and we had a huge recal. So yes meats that are packaged can be tainted and not just the ones you buy sliced at the counter. To avoid anything eating tainted meats just heat them up.

to help clarify for everyone

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