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PCOS, cysts and clomid...


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Jul 25, 2008
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Are any of you currently taking clomid with PCOS (but actually with cysts in your system)..

I was just told on another PCOS forum that a gyno will not give you clomid if you currently have cysts (because of the risks of making them bigger etc), which has really really pissed me off as I have waited so long just to get to this point (had a cyst removed in June). When I had my lap they left a few small cysts in there as they reckoned there was no risk but my concerns are that cysts are cysts.

Why would they have left them in there when my notes specifically stated that I was due to be put on clomid after my laparoscopy...

FFS am so mad that I have waited all this time only to be fobbed off and probably sent off for another scan on 13th October, just to have probably another lap and then given clomid (and given our hospital, about another years wait) when in that time I run the risk of more cysts forming..


"The first course of action for a woman with PCOS who wishes to conceive is a drug called Clomiphene"

...from a medical journal I read today on my lunch hour.

Your forum girl was mistaken.

Incidentally, on my instructions it says one of the side effects of Clomid is endometriosis, and the risk of making existing endometriosis worse as well as potentially affecting cysts. I have it, have been diagnosed with it, but my doctor just went ahead and gave me the prescription knowing it could make things worse.

They have been prescribing Clomid for those with Endo and PCOS for years.
I have TONS of cysts and I take Clomid. It is fine.

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