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People being rude about bump sizes etc


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Sep 12, 2007
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It seems like most of us have had this at some point. It is soooooo bugging me though - almost everyone (random strangers even) have said that I must be having twins! And they don't even say it politely, yesterday this idiot bloke (in the flooring store) said 'not due until december???!!! JESUS, that can't just be one in there!'

I swear I felt like hitting him. For a start, it isn't a 'that'. And just because his sister in law has just had one doesn't make HIM an expert, besides he was sort of oggling my belly in a creepy way. I want to carry a sign that says 'don't even THINK about LOOKING at my belly much less making comments about it' but that would be contradictory...


I asked my doc about the size at my last appointment a few days ago, and she said, 'tell these people they don't know what they are talking about'. It was quite ace how she sort of went off on one on my behalf, it must be something that women do get quite upset about frequently...

She said, she knows how women's bodies work and if she saw me out and about and didn't know she would think I was around 28 weeks, plus I am measuring exactly right and my overall weigh gain has be perfect. She said how you carry has a lot to do with both your proportions, size of your torso etc AND how the baby is positioned.

Anyway my problem is now that I am going to say something cross and rude if any other person things it is ok to say something about the size of my uterus!

Sooooooooo, I thought, maybe we can come up with some clever things to remark in response to make them think again about commenting on a woman's pregnant body!

(the only one I can think of at the moment is a bit hormonally driven and goes a bit like this '' Oh f-off!")
I would just say "im not pregnant im fat" and see what they say!!

tell them your having triplets!! their faces will be a picture :rofl:
LOL @ "oh f-off"

and LOL @ PP

So funny!

I hate it when people comment, one of the staff at our car club just calls me "Fatty" now, I never say owt back cuz I just think to myself, its alright, I'll loose this weight, but you'll aaaaalways be an ugly ****
When I got the first twins comment a couple of weeks back I congratulated the person on being the first to use that old cliche. A withering look helps!
"Uh-Huh; Whereas yours is all bought and paid for I suppose!" :D

I wish I had a joke 'waters breaking' device that I could hide and press a button whenever someone makes an annoying comment, all this water would pour onto the floor and I could simply say 'looks like the babies so appreciate your insight that they want to come and meet you right NOW' heh hehe heheh THAT would be funny.
I've had a few comments, but nothing quite as bad as some! I think I'm fairly small for 27 weeks, but MW said I'm measuring right and everything so I presume everthing is okay.

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