PLEASE help me wean my 2 year old

Discussion in 'Breastfeeding' started by Poppeteer, Jan 31, 2011.

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    My daughter has just turned 2, and still loves to breastfeed, and I mean she loves it. She comes to me for mummy milk when she is ill, upset, happy, bored, wants to sleep.... Everything.

    We co- sleep and I will bf throughout the night.... It is hard to say how often as while I am sleeping she will help herself. Throughout the day she will breastfeed... If I'm not working, and we're at home I'd say maybe 7-8 times in the day.

    She is physically very tall and a rambunctious toddler, and although I adore the close bond we have through extended breastfeeding, I have had enough. Due to the frequency of her feeding my breasts get full and heavy and prone to leakage on days I work :blush: and I want her to be more independent of me. I want my breasts back... I want to be able to leave her more without her getting so upset.. I feel after 2 years she isn't any closer to self-weaning, and I'm so ready to give up....

    So I tried reasoning with her, and that makes her so upset and it breaks my heart to see her cry... And then I get so sore with engorgement so I end up feeding her...
    Then I tried coffee on the nipples, that worked... She says 'yuck' and moves on. BUT, her behaviour since I tried this has been appalling, she will hit me repeatedly and everyone else, including the cats.... And will continue even if we ignore it or yell at her. I can see it's frustration as it began at exactly the same day I tried the coffee trick.... And I'm worried that it'll affect her somehow psychologically...

    I don't use the coffee at night, I still let her bf, but I almost feel like she makes up for the lack of bf'ing in the day and will do it twice as much. Her sleep is also so much more disturbed and I can hear she has nightmares....

    I feel stuck, and I almost feel breastfeeding has done more harm than good at times...

    Please any advice would be really appreciated.
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    ive not had to wean an older child sorry when i weaned ds1 he went onto ff as he was still so young at the time,
    the frustration and temper she has shown probably would have come out over something else if not this anyway as its a normal developmental phase they go through of wanting to have control, if you really want to wean i would sugest weaning fully as you say she seems to make up for the missed day feeds in the night instead which isnt going to help either of you, you can express for a while and give it to her in a cup and just slowly reduce the amount of expressing till your supply drys up this is what i did except ds1 had to go on bottles not a cup as he was only 2 months old, it avoided the problems as i reduced by a few oz every couple of days good luck

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