Please help our dog rescue..VOTE!


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Dec 25, 2007
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Hello everyone...

I am part of Hugabull Advocacy and Rescue Society (a dog rescue and educational program for dog owners!) and there is a contest going on right now that could win the rescue group $100, 000 if we are voted number one! Even if we dont get number one overall we can still win for being number one in our province!

So please please please take two minutes out of your day and vote for us.

Shelter Name: Hugabull Advocacy and Rescue Society
Country: CAN
State: BC
City: Vancouver

Thank you soooo much! If you are up for it, you can vote every day..and that would be soooo awesome of you guys.

Thanks! :hugs:

The link:
Thank you!!

I wanted to add that..I know going and voting is a bit time consuming...but even $1000 for a non-profit rescue is a huge amount of money and can really help save lives!

So please take a pregnant pause..hehe and help us out! Thanks everyone!
I just voted too.Good luck:hugs:
I think we will need 1000's in order to win the $100,000! But like I said the $1000 would be lovely too! Thank you to everyone who has voted!
Thank you ladies! You rock! We are still second in our area...but here's to hoping right!?!
Voted, but it took me 3 attempts to spell squirrel for the verification thing lol x
Voted, but it took me 3 attempts to spell squirrel for the verification thing lol x

Hhaha! Thanks so much, I know its a bit of a pain..but every vote helps!

We have till Dec 4th...yikes!
I just voted for you, anything for animals....:)

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