Poor wee richard


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Aug 31, 2006
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I just wanted to say prayers to Richard Hammond and his family just now... [-o< :hugs: [-o<
I watche Top Gear faithfully and feel just terrible for them at the moment.
I know some of you will think he shouldnt be doingstuff like that with a wife and young family (been getting that at work today a bit) but he was doing what he loved and it just went wrong yesterday....
fingers crossed he will be ok and can get back to a normal life with his family.

ok ive not been too well today so been in bed most of it, what have i missed??
I heard this on the radio all day.

What his poor family must be going through, he's a great guy. I love him on Top Gear too.

I really hope he gets better [-o<

omg just googled it, noooo i love him!!! hes so sweet :(
i think its just horrific for him and the family...what they must be going through... :sad1:
what a legend 303mph!! jeremys comment made me laugh " we cant wait to get our hamster back"

hope he makes a full recovery wouldnt be top gear without him
I hope he gets better soon. He's good on top gear.

I think he's fit aswell though lol and cute. ahhh lol :lol: :lol:
their is a donation thing going round im trying to find it on OH forum thingy but cant i dont know his password but when i find it i will paste to this link if thats ok its just to help all the aircraft people and stuff that helped hamster get to hospital

I love wee hamster and was crying when i heard the sad news

get well soon hammy
apparently hes shocked family and medical staff and actually walked... apparently he was very wobbly and unstable but they are all took back by this and says its looks very good for him....

Get better soon Richard... i really like him and was so shocked when i heard what had happened!
yaaaaaay one step in the right direction

'thinking of you hammy'
Yes I read in the paper today that he woke up and asked what happened.
So they told him he was in an accident.
His reply was "was I driving like a tw*t".

Seems like he's getting better. Good on you Richard!

i am so pleased he is improving, lucky boy...fingers crossed hes back fighting fit real soon.
It said in todays paper that he's sat up eating cornflakes.

Great News!

because of the pure g force of the crash, richard hammonds brain would of weighed 70stone :shock:

glad hes doing better, hope he gets straight back behind the wheel and finishes the job by breaking that record!!

Hammond, Hammond, Hammond!!!!!!

bloody hell! 70 stone thats mad!

Sending huge amounts of get well wishes for Richard...
i too hope hes back behind the wheel soon...and excuse the glaswegian-ness of this next comment, but hope he wraps it right round those beggars that want top gear axed...
the man loves cars, he loves owning cars and he loves racing cars, always has done...and hopefully always will do...
:oops: rant over....sorry

the hamsters crash

I missed this therad too...... :oops:

So glad he is on the mend!!! I love Top Gear it is a great programme :D

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