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Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by Mrs Doddy, Oct 9, 2008.

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    I can be a very negative person and this brings my down when feeling depressed/stressed. I am currently off sick and have been pondering on things

    I have realised that no matter how friendly people at work seem to be - they are not your friends.

    My Husband loves me very much and me him - whilst being off sick I have not been allowed to do anything - fab !!!!

    That my injury although painful has been a good thing to try and get my head together and sort myself out - came at the right time before I had some kind of stress breakdown and having this week off is the best thing that could have happened.

    I have been reading a good self help book called don't sweat the small stuff - reading it there are alot of things that are so true. I can make myself positive - make a few changes at work to de-stress like not coming in early, taking a lunch break and leaving at your contracted time.............. however how can you stay positive when the person you work with isn't and won't accept change/help (which is going to help your personally as well as her) gets very defensive and generally not very helpful. This drags me down - how can I make sure that this doesn't happen when there are two of you in the department inclosed in an area where you can't get away from it (short of putting my ipod on and blocking her out !!!)

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