Positive thoughts for the McCann family!!


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Sep 4, 2006
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Ive been watchin this very closly and i just wanted to give out all our positive thoughts an hopes and prays that she returns home safe and sound:hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

Its every mothers and fathers worst nightmare and i feel for the whole family so much!!
It's an awful situation :(

All the stories can be found: https://news.sky.com/skynews/madeleine
you can't help but put yourself in their position, i can't even imagine how I would deal with it if it was Eva.
Isn't it just dreadful? That poor family, my heart really goes out to them. I hope they find her soon.

Can you believe how long it is since Ben Needham went missing, he'll be a grown man now? I hope for their sake it's not another case like that.
My heart aches for them, i really hope she is found soon. :(
I really hope she is found safe and well.

I was critical at the beginning towards their decision to leave 3 young children unattended, but we all make mistakes and who am I to judge.

They will have to live with this the rest of their lives if Maddi is not found, that in itself would be one hell of a burdon.

Thoughts are with them all, and what an evil, sick world we live in!
Sorry to be so negitive, but i dont hol dout much hope :(

not many children who have beent taking end up being found safe and well, the longer its takeing the lesser the chances, poor little girl :(:(

i feel so sorry for the family, but also she should never have been left,
i would never leave a child to go for a meal, even if someone was checking on them every 10-30 mins.
The thought is awful :(

I am shocked at the whole thing but thats one harsh lesson to be learnt.
sorry i havent replied before :blush: I was mad to know the little girl had been left while they went for a meal, infact it made me feel sick :( i truely hope and pray she is safe and well and is soon reunited with her parents:cry:

but its awfull and i cant imagine how her parents will be feeling, i hope they never leave a child alone to have a meal again :cry:
Iv not seen this yet :-( I dont get to watch much tv and dont read the papers. Its so sad, and to think how the parents must be feeling right now! I couldnt bring myself to watch the video of her I'd get too upset :-(
I watched sky news last night an i was actually cryin my eyes out that poor family. i dont believe its right to leave a child on there own but i think right at this time they are suffering enough and probably know that it was wrong more than anyone.
Like u Layla i feel maybe its toolate now, im still gonna hope an pray for then!! :hugs:

We go to portugal in 3 weeks time, i will not for even a second be takin my eyes of Kai!
I live in the next village to Rothley where they are from, and I drove past the war memorial last night. It's covered in yellow roses and little letters from children. It's heart-breaking.:cry:
:hugs: :hugs: I really hope she is found safe and well, but it is looking doubtful after so long :cry:

Talking generally..........I agree with KX, It is so easy to say "we wouldn't do that" in hindsight and to do so and not know the exact circumstances I think is very unfair to judge. It could have looked and felt very safe and secure at the time. Just thank our lucky stars it is not us that have made such a mistake!

Those poor parents must be going thru hell and back...
my thoughts are with them ...

they must be going through hell right now ...

Hind sight as they say is a wonderful thing ...


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