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Potty Training????


May 12, 2007
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Danielle will be 2 in june, she is now on the potty during the days. i don`t tell her to go on the potty she tells me when she has been on the potty.

when do i start to take the nappies away at night???
I waited until Jonny was dry through the night, about 2years 10 months. I then lifted him at my bedtime fo a couple of months. One night I forgot, he was dry and we never looked back.
im not looking forward to potty training, I havent got a clue how to go about it lol, i think I'll need a dummy's guide to potty training lol
we gonna start putting maddie on potty after meal times as she always poos mum did this with us and we were potty trained by 2 n a bit

plastic sheet on matress and lift her out b4 u go bed

good luck
I did chloe when she was 2 years at night by putting the pamper care mats under her then if she did an accident she was well protected and the bed too....they soon let you know when they are dry,Chloe used to get a star every night she was dry she loved that.

She was dry in the day at 18 months so took 6 months exactly to progress.
i feel chloe is lagging behind now! shes 2 n nowhere near potty training!
My friend is just starting potty training her daughter and she is 2 and a half .. she doesnt want to know though. She will sit on the potty but wont go .. will wait for her nappy to be put back on. Must be very frustrating.
Ewan is 21 months and no where near potty training.
He doesnt even seem to care if he walked around in a dirty nappy all day!
he won't sit on a potty and is a complete fidgit.
Some people have said i should start now others say i should wait till he can tellme he is wet then it will be quicker.
I dont think he is ready for trainning yet.

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