Prednisolone - Does anyone know if they are safe during pregnancy?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by Jacey, Dec 23, 2009.

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    Hi ladies

    I contacted my GP last week as I had a sore throat and cough and wanted to rule out the start of swine flu as my newphew had been disagnosed with it.

    I was offered the vaccine as my symptoms were very mild but they couldnt fit me in until Monday evening {just gone} All weekend I felt well so I cancelled my apt Monday morning.

    Monday evening after a nap I woke up with the sore-est of throats ever, it was as bad Tues morning and my cough reappeared, I telephoned the GP again who said he didnt think it was swine flu as symptoms had slowed down from when I first reported being ill and that isnt typical of swine flu, he thought I perhaps had a winter sickness bug and or a viral infection. He advised usual paracetamol, rest and fluids.

    Today I have more of a cold but it seems to have gone onto my chest, I feel sick prob due to excess phlegm and my breathing feels really tight, worse when i do anything. Last time I was this bad a few years back GP prescribed
    short course of steroids prednisolone which really helped the breathing.

    I couldnt get to see GP today but this evening my aunt has telephoned, she has same symptoms as me and has today been prescribed prednisolone and is already feeling better.

    I cant do anything til the morning but am toying with phoning to request a short course but cant seem to find out online whether these pills are safe to take at my stage of pregnancy and wondered if anyone on here may know from experience etc

    Sorry for whats turned into a long post, i just feel dreadful x

    **Update - answered my own question lol - called chemist nearby and they checked and confirmed this drug should only be prescribed in extreme circumstances to pregnant women so guess that ideas out the window, am hoping for an OK ish nite and see what GP recommends tomorrow xx

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