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Pregnant After Miscarriage With No Period In-between!!!


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Jun 5, 2013
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Hi Everyone! I know after a miscarriage, TTC is even scarier, especially if you conceive sooner than suggested, so I wanted to share our story of miscarriage to pregnancy!

This has been quite the year for my hubby and I. We began NTNP about a year and a half ago now. I was told becoming pregnant and maintaining a pregnancy was going to be harder for me due to past medical issues with ITP, Ovarian Cysts, Irregularity, and stress I was under due to my job. Because of this, my hubby and I figured we might as well start trying as the doctor said we needed to if we wanted a chance of conceiving naturally, and when I say trying I mean on the daily, sometimes multiple times (Not that Hubby complained haha :thumbup: ).

Finally, this last February we found out we were pregnant. We hadn't expected it to happen so fast, but we were so thrilled! However, at 8-9 weeks, I started having cramping and spotting, and then finally found out by going to the ER that I was having a natural miscarriage. We were absolutely crushed to say the least.

The doctor told us not to do the deed for at least a week, and to not try again until after three months. Prior to the miscarriage being confirmed, we did the deed maybe once the weekend before. As I had been spotting and cramping, we hadn't been active for a while, and the spotting stopped for one random day, and so we went ahead. That next week we confirmed the miscarriage, and by the end of said week, the bleeding had all stopped. We weren't active for about another two weeks after that.

About three weeks after the miscarriage had been confirmed, I started feeling tired and would get queazy randomly. I was having a lot of stress at work and thought my stomach was reacting to that. Then queazy turned to down right nauseous, which turned into getting sick randomly daily or every couple days. At this point I was laid off from work, my husbands grandfather had just passed away, and we were in one of the lowest times we have yet to deal with. I have always had a sensitive or nervous stomach, so I thought the sickness was either a bug, or just the stress getting to me. Oh was I wrong...

Finally, 8 weeks after the miscarriage, I still hadn't gotten that first period yet. I kept thinking it would show any day, but finally decided we should test just to be sure (Ok, Ok, I was actually oblivious, it was the hubby that said I was a bit more emotional and moody lately, and that with my getting sick so much, maybe we should test. and by a little moody, he meant I was sort of a crazy witch with a B. :blush: ) So, test we did, and the positive line was instant, and darker than all of the control lines!!!! WE WERE FLOORED. How was it so?! we had barely even done it since weeks before the miscarriage. and by barely, I mean we could count on one hand how many times we had been active!

Since we had been told not to try until 3 months after, we were of course cautious to get excited. The doctor's office wasn't able to see me for another 3 or 4 weeks for an ultra sound as they were assuming i was 4 to 6 weeks pregnant, and wanted to make sure it was visible. So, impatiently we waited until yesterday at 8:00 a.m. To ours and the doctors surprise, we are 12 weeks 4 days pregnant! there was only one time we did it that could have allowed us to conceive, and it was the weekend before we had confirmed we had miscarried! Again, we were floored!!!

So here we are, heading into the 2nd trimester, and the doctor says everything is fantastic. We got to hear the babies heart beat, it was a very strong 176 bpm, and the baby was so active during the ultra sound it looked as though it was dancing! Finally, we are able to be excited as the doctor says we have no reason to worry right now, and she is confident this will be a normal healthy pregnancy carried through to delivery. :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

I hope sharing this has helped eased worried minds. I know that when we got the :BFP: so soon after miscarrying, I started googling immediately as I was horrified my body may not be ready and we would just miscarry again. It seems, for me at least, getting pregnant so fast was my bodies best way of ensuring a healthy pregnancy this time around.

Good luck to all, and happy wishes for sticky beans to all!!!!
Congrats!! Wish u happy & healthy pregnancy!!
Your story gave me goosebumps including hope for best
Omg, I know this was written a few years ago but it just made me feel a heck of a lot better.

I was pregnant about 4 months ago & ended up losing the baby at 8 wks, when I went in for a check up my hcg levels had dramatically dropped, I was sent for an emergency ultrasound & they confirmed there was no heart beat. It was very sad, considering my boyfriend & I we're excited about this new blessing.

So 4 months have gone by; about 3 wks ago I began to feel nauseous & had early morning sickness. My boobs began to get sore, and as my boyfriend put it I became more "moody" lol. My period has NOT came in since I lost the baby in April so I wouldn't know how far along I am, but I dis 2 home test last week and I am definitely pregnant ������ It's a little hard for us to be excited at the same time a little hard to not keep a lid on it. I had my first visit yesterday and they figured I was as far along as it's been since my last miscarriage, although I really do not believe I'm no more than 8 wks. They tried hearing for a heart beat but nothing came up. I could be too early. Fingers crossed that's what it is. Tmrw I call for my blood work to check on my hcg levels. Hopefully all goes well! But your story definitely put an ease to my worries.

❤❤❤Thank you!

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