Question from 3rd tri... need help and advice!!

Discussion in 'Breastfeeding' started by kayleigh&bump, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. kayleigh&bump

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    Jul 13, 2009
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    I hope you dont mind me popping over here, im due in feb with my 1st and im actually clueless!! Okay so here is my plan...

    Im gunna give breastfeeding a good go (although if it doesnt go to plan, I am quite happy to formula feed and wont beat myself up about it). If breastfeeding goes well, i want to introduce expressed breast milk as soon as possible so that hubby can feed and let me have a night off once or twice a week. I know that the recommended time for this is 6 weeks, but want to try and get it going before then if at all possible.

    What do you recommend that I buy to make this as easy as possible?

    I know im gunna need bottles, steraliser, breats pump and storage bags for the freezer, but other than this im a bit unsure of the best things to buy etc.

    I already have a steraliser, which is boots own brand and comes with 6 bottles. Will these bottles be ok to use? Here is the link to it.. Are these bottles suitable for someone also wanting to breast feed, and what about the teats? Which are better, standard neck or wide neck?

    Now with the breast pump, Im assuming that as long as it fits the bottles I am planning on using and I am comfortable using it, thats all that matters?

    I've got myself into a right tizzy with all this feedling lark, ive suddenly got myself all worked up that im not gunna be able to feed my baby properly! :dohh: If breastfeeding doesnt work out, then i still want all the stuff so that I can formula feed.

    Any advice girlies?? :flower:
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    Oct 20, 2008
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    Yay for trying BFing! I hope it goes well for you. :mrgreen:

    I would recommend a good electric pump. That will be key. Also, good bottles for bf'ed babies. I use the Breast Flow and love them.

    As for expressing early for OH, I totally understand. :mrgreen: But consider waiting 4-6 weeks if at all possible. That time will fly by anyway and you really need it to adjust to BFing -- and so does LO. Those weeks are the hardest. Let things get established first.

    There are other ways for OH to bond early on with LO. My DH gave little one his first bath... and was the first to hold him in the hospital... and OH can be YOUR support so he feels important and needed. It will be hard for you to get up from the couch sometimes! Have OH on hand to bring you drinks and snacks. That will help loads!

    Then, when you and LO are ready, expressing is a great thing to do! :thumbup: Just don't push it before you are ready.

    Good luck, hon! Please keep asking!
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    Sep 16, 2009
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    i have say i thought the same about wanting to use ebm early but in reality tommys only ever had (begrudgingly by me lol) 3 bottles nd that was just 2 make sure he will take it should i need 2 go out or nething.
    in truth ( i dnt no if im the only 1) but while i originally thought 'woah 6 weeks is a long time!', they flew by. The time has just gone so quickly u wldnt believ.
    And alsi i find ebm wwwayyy 2 much hassle.
    Much prefer to jus pop it out, plug him in and preactise my 1 handed typing
    (wonderd y iv used hrdly ne capitals? :haha:)
    good luck an well done 4 tryin 2 giv it a go :D xxxxxxx
  4. MelanieF

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    Well done you on getting ahead of the game and thinking so early about BFing and how it will work out for your life! To get a realistic idea of what it means to have a small BF baby, can you meet any babies and mums? Breastfeeding is completely different from bottle feeding, in almost every aspect of how baby and mum interact, so I mean BF babies! Can you maybe get to a LLL group - they always welcome pregnant mums? Or a local BF support group (but you'd learn more from LLL, probably). You might find reading a book or two on the subject really helpful, too. I like this one which made me laugh:


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