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Sep 1, 2006
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Just had my risk assessment done on my job-yeah 6 months pregnant a bit late!

I am so angry I could cry.:hissy:

basically I am an antisocial behaviour officer who deals with all neighbour complaints, issues warnings to council and private owners etc, obtains ASBO's on certain people.

Now I do not feel comfortable going out on my own doing this as I am 6months pregnant, huge, tired, and asthma kicks in bad if I walk far. I also have Hyper Mobilitly Syndrome which means that my legs can dsilocate at anytime-like they did with rebecca and I ended up in plaster cast ankle to thigh.

Now I have specified with my line manager I dont want to be out alone, and if i have to do any visits I want to be accompanied, as people can be obstinate and very aggressive. He said he doesnt see any problem me being out (in the shitiest estates in Edinurgh) on my own-wtf!

Should I go to the Dr-he wanted to sign me off the rest of my pregnancy due to the hypermobility as the discs in my back were loose. Ive had enough. I am not willing to put me or my baby at risk. I want to get a letter from my Dr to say she isnt to walk far or climb stairs often (i was advised this by him 3 weeks ago).

What do you all think? sorry for the long rant but I am so annoyed/upset. This is a high risk job for violence/aggression from people and I dont want to do it alone. People in other departments get lighter duties!

I would speak to HSE i don't think tht your risk assessment was done properly, surely the work u r doing is a ris to you and baby, so they should find u an alternative job to do until u go on mat leave. If they can't provide alternative work for you you have to be suspended on full pay until u start mat leave ( think it can be upto 36 weeks). If u signed off sick, don't know how long u get paid for but maybe better off persuing it moore to get help/ alternative work.

:hugs: hope this gets sorted hun.
FFS is your manager for real?????
Get to Drs ASAP and get signed off
They can't make you walk for ages and get confronted by potentially aggressive/violent people

He needs to get his head out of his arse!!!

Don't go back hun. Ring in sick tomorrow and then book a docs appointment. I was signed off sick with my SPD really early, and had oodles of time off!

In your job, they should have stopped you going out at all on day one! And if they aren't able to offer you alternative suitable employment, they have to send you home on full pay.
personally I'd do one of two things

a) tell him where to shove his job


b) go on sick or restricted duties til maternity leave starts

but that's just me

employers are greedy and don't give a damn about people hun

omg that is so bad.

my old job (broadband escalation manager) was really stressful i was only sat at a desk but alot of work to do and because i was preg i was taken off as it was to much presure!!!

i cannot believe how they are being with you!
i know the type of areas you mean i would never trust knockinng any ones door pregnant. even if some one was with you i wouldnt want to do it
i would be fumming!!!!

kick off big style you not got a union at your work?
Don't they have to pay you in full if its decided the job isn't safe & you have to quit because of those reasons?

Thats just shocking hun I am so sorry your even placed in that position. Tell em to sort it or you'll be going to work with a baseball bat for protection ;)

Nah seriously :hugs:
Do you have a union hun and are you a member - if so then I would go to them. I know where I work if we are doing a home visit we have a policy of going in twos just in case anything kicks off or happens. Our union supported this and it is now the understanding that we don't do it any other way due to health and safety.

TBH I am surprised you are doing this on your own, I would never do a visit on my own unless I thought that the risk was practically non existant. I hope you get it sorted.
Thanks ladies for the advice. Im at home, a lot calmer after a good cry! I typed my message above straight after my meeting so excuse the spelling mistakes it was done in rage!

beanie I am a member of Unison and there representation is pretty bad from experience, but I will explore that option if I get no joy.

I am going to the head of service tomorrow and if I get no joy I dont plan on going back until after the buba is born.

I was just made to feel like a drama queen, but no job is worth the risk.

I am going to post some pics taken earlier to let u all see what a hef I am, and how immobile I look!! 2 tonne tess.

thanks again xxxx
Aw hun tell em balls and go on sick they still have to pay ya then!!!

Whats an asshole!

Not all companies pay sick pay Imi and SSP is worse than SMP @£60 a week.

Others will only give you full pay for a number of weeks, often max is 4.

As it stands if they can't provide Katrina with a safe enviroment then BY LAW she has to be suspended on full pay until she goes on ML @36 weeks.
Just wanted to wish you good luck for your meeting today hun.:hugs:
Not good today-my team leader had a meeting with the big boss who have both agreed they still see no problem with me out on the streets etc alone.

I said what happens if my leg dislocates again in the middle of the estate or a stair-he said well you have a mobile phone and u can call us and one of us will cum and get u! Ha.

I came home again upset, its not good for the unborn baby and rebecca me being this tense and stressed out.

Phoned up the Dr's to get appt but my own GP aint in til Monday.

I want to go to the GP but if I get signed off they will be mad.

I think I will just get the gp to write me a letter.

Oh and when I told my manager I would get the gp to write me a letter he said we will need to question whether ur medically fit or not for the job!I can do the job just not on the streets on my own ffs!


Sorry for the rant, Im all over the place and dont know whats the right thing to do :cry:

He cannot threaten you with your job like that ... next time they call you in for a meeting take a rep with you to keep it all above board so there is also proof of what they have said!

He cannot say what he has about your job, if it comes down to it go to CAB hun ...

Your boss sounds like a knob!

I really think that its not safe and they can not bully you.

It may be worth ringing the HSE for advice on 0845 345 0055.

They will advise you on what to do and put u in touch with ur local office.

Ur boss is so out of order i could easily come and twat him one.
aww whun ur boss is a knob :( no1 shud have 2 put up with tht! i say u go 2 cab 4 def n shove some of ur rights up his ass!!!!!
Well what a first prize NOB!!!

Don't let them get away with that shit!
I want to go to the GP but if I get signed off they will be mad.

So? Sounds like a real knob, so who cares if he gets mad?

This is not right at all hun. Just don't go in tomorrow. Ring in and tell them you've been up all night with worry and being sick and you aren't coming in. You can sign yourself off for 7 days without a doctors note. It may give them the kick they need, but if not, just go to the doctors and get him/her to sign you off until 36 weeks.

You're right, this isn't good for either you, the baby, or Rebecca.:hugs: :hugs:

I wasn't going to say anything to you in case I scared you, but a friend of hubbie's works for the council homeless department, and his wife is in the same department. When she was 6 months pg, she had to go and serve an eviction notice on a family, and she was asked to do it alone. Her hubbie insisted on going with her, and it's a good job he did... they pulled a gun on her!:shock: She was 6 months pregnant and they threatened her with a gun!

It all worked out okay luckily, but nobody, and especially not a pregnant woman, should be put in a situation like this.:hugs:
Council estates can be so bloody rough. 70% first class pricks! Sadly the good families get dragged down with them in the same area.

Amandas story doesn't surprise me at all. Sounds like the estate I was brought up on! Assuming alot of rough estates are the same & as you say Kx it is a known roughy.

:hugs: Good luck hun by sounds of it you won't be going back anyway x x

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